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Atlassian support for Oracle 8 officially ends with the JIRA 3.6 release. Oracle 8 users are advised to upgrade to avoid the problem described on this page.

Applies to:

Oracle 8 users

Oracle has a 4000 character limitation on its VARCHAR2 field type. This causes problems for JIRA, which uses VARCHAR2 to store comments and 'workflows'. Whenever a comment or workflow exceeds 4000 characters (very easy in the case of workflows), JIRA breaks.

Oracle have a workaround for this problem in their 10g JDBC driver, which can be used with Oracle 9 and 10. Use of this workaround has been incorporated into the documentation.

This doesn't help Oracle 8 users.A workaround for the problem of > 4000 character workflows in Oracle 8 is to store these on disk, instead of in the database.This can be done as follows:

  1. Run JIRA (with hsqldb database) to construct the workflow, and then:
  2. Export the created workflow as XML, and save this to disk, eg custom-workflow.xml
  3. In the JIRA instance that will use Oracle, edit WEB-INF/classes/workflows.xml and add a line:

    Where 'custom' is the workflow name.

  4. Copy custom-workflow.xml to WEB-INF/classes/
  5. Restart JIRA. The 'custom' workflow should appear in the list of available workflows.
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