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JIRA allows you to vote for a particular issue — "voicing" your preference for that issue to be resolved or completed.

JIRA also allows you to watch a particular issue, signing up for notifications of any updates relating to that issue (provided an appropriate notification scheme has been set up for the project by your JIRA administrator).

If you have the correct permissions (see below), you can also view the voter and watcher lists for an issue and, you can manage the watcher list — that is, add other people to the watcher list. This is useful if you need to draw someone's attention to a particular issue.

On this page:

The voter and watcher lists are shown in at the right of the screen when viewing an issue:

Issue voting

To vote for an issue:

  1. Search for or view the issue you want to vote on and access its 'view issue' page.
  2. Click Vote for this issue to instantly vote for the issue.
    (info) At any subsequent time when logged in, click this again to remove your vote.

To view a list of people who have already voted on an issue:

  1. Search for or view the issue you want to vote on and access its 'view issue' page.
  2. Click the number of votes to view the list of people who have voted for the issue.

Issue watching

To watch an issue:

  1. Search for or view the issue you want to watch and access its 'view issue' page.
  2. Click Start watching this issue to instantly become a watcher of the issue.
    (info) At any subsequent time when logged in, click this again to stop watching the issue.

To view existing users of, add new users to or remove existing users from an issue:

  1. Search for or view the issue you want to watch and access its 'view issue' page.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • Click the number of watchers to open the Add Watchers popup.
    • Select More Actions > Watchers to open the Watchers page.
      (tick)Keyboard shortcut: '.' + start typing watchers
  3. Use the Add Watchers popup or Watchers page to:
    • View the list of existing users who are watching the issue,
    • Add users as new watchers of the issue or
    • Remove existing watchers.
    • If you have the optional global permissions (below), an autocompleted list of users appears as you begin typing a username or full name in either the Add Watchers popup (or Add Watchers field on the Watchers page), from which you can select a user via your keyboard's cursor keys.
    • When using the Add Watchers popup, you can remove an existing watcher from an issue by moving your mouse pointer over their name and clicking the 'bin' icon that appears to the right of their name.
    • When using the Watchers page, if you have the optional global permissions, click the 'user-picker' icon to open the User Picker popup, from which you can select users.


Mandatory project permissions

JIRA incorporates the following project permissions to govern who may view/edit the voter and watcher lists:

  • View Voters and Watchers — permits a user to view both the voter and watcher lists
  • Manage Watcher List — permits a user to view/edit the watcher list.

These project permissions are granted by your JIRA administrator, through a Permission Scheme.

Optional global permissions

When adding watchers to an issue, to access:

  • An autocompleted list of users in the Add Watchers popup, or
  • The User Picker popup on the Watchers page,

your JIRA administrator must have granted you the Browse Users Global Permission. If you do not have this permission, however, you can still add users by specifying their usernames in either:

  • The Add Watchers popup or
  • The Add Watchers field on the Watchers page.

On top of this, your JIRA administrator must also ensure that JIRA's Allow users to vote on issues setting has not been switched off. (See Configuring JIRA Options for more information.)

(warning) Please note: It is not possible to edit the voter list.


  1. Hi, is it possible to link an issue of my company to an issue in Atlassian's JIRA for Confluence? 

    I have a bug in Confluence which I document in our company's JIRA. It would be nice to directly link it to the Confluence development project. Maybe one could even have a gadget for it to watch these issues on his company's dashboard.

    Ist this possible?

    Regards, Miriam 

  2. Anonymous

    It would be nice to be able to review the list of JIRA's I'm currently watching...

    1. Anonymous

      Seconded, especially after the auto watcher feature implemented in 5.0.

      People turned off autowatching in their preferences, but they still need to go and manually unwatch old tickets and they'd like to know which ones those are.

      1. Anonymous

        It would be great if I could see items I'm watching from my dashboard. It's odd that JIRA doesn't have such a logical feature. 

    2. Yes, this is what I'm looking for.  Do they have it yet?

  3. Adding this to your filters seems to do the trick:

    watcher = currentUser() and status != Closed ORDER BY updated DESC, key DESC

    Not sure what the correct operator for "includes" is, but this seems to do that. Probably belongs in a menu though.

  4. Hi, is there a way to transition workflow when vote meets a majority of users who have permissions to vote?

    1. Hi Sarah, I am also looking for a way to achieve this. I want a transition to happen when an issue gets majority of votes. Can you please let me know if you have achieved it.

  5. I totally like "Watchers" funtion. It is very useful to share a status of special issue. However, when adding some members to watchers, only username is able to be searched. Fullname is needed to search. Please let me know how to search a watch with fullname when adding watchers.

    1. Have you got answer for this? I have same thoughts.

  6. Anonymous

    Can I limit in how many issues an user can vote? Because as a user, if I have the opportunity, I want to see everything fixed.

    It would be something like "each user has up to 5 votes in a 4 weeks period", or something like that.

  7. Anonymous

    I just wanted to ask what the default setting of the "manage Watchers" is.

    Which behaviour if no role ist listed behind the option?



  8. Anonymous

    Is there a way to assign different weights to the votes depending on status of the voter?  In a community setup, for example, a frequent contributor's vote should have more weight than a casual user.

    1. This would be a useful tool, for example in a mixed co-op where employee-owners and customer-owners might have different vote weights.  Quorum and veto features would be useful too.

  9. Anonymous

    Is there a way to set up a scheme by project category that automatically sets certain people up to be watchers on a project if they are not the reporter or assignee without them having to manually click watch?

  10. Anonymous

    Is there a way to get the list of tickets ordered by number of votes?


  11. Is there a way to Bulk Change your watched issue?  I have for example 150 issues I'm watching and like to UnWatch issues that I have selected via a filter.

  12. Anonymous

    How do I query a list of items another person is watching?

  13. @Anonymous (08/17) --> Try in the advanced search:
    watcher = "...user email/login name..."  example: watcher = ""

    Still hoping someone has an answer to the bulk change as well (wink)


    1. Anonymous

  14. Anonymous

    Is it possible to see a list of all issues you are watching?

  15. Anonymous

    Duplicated issues should sum the users' unique votes.

    To better explain, let say you have issue-1 with 10 votes and issue-2 with 5 votes. At some point, someone realizes they are duplicates and link them accordingly with proper resolution. Now, I would like to see 15 votes in both issues. But you should take into account that the same user voted much in both, so the votes may be less than 15.

  16. Is it possible (maybe a hack to the plugin, or through a 3rd party plugin) to vote against an issue? I'd like to be able to cast my vote in the negative sometimes.

    EDIT: This is what I was looking for! (sad) it doesn't exist yet I guess.

  17. Anonymous

    I too would like to have the ability to vote against an issue.

  18. Anonymous

    A question: if I limited the comments visibility to a particular group (through padlock function), then the user belonging to this group select 'Watch' function...Does or not this user receive the mail notification???


    Thank a lot

  19. Anonymous

    We have external and internal users.  How can we limit the permissions of the external users but still allow them to watch and vote?

  20. Anonymous

    and your all expecting Atlassian to reply to any of these questions???? Good Luck!!!

    Atalssian has probably the WORST documentation EVER, compared to all software companies out there.

    And when you do get a response, they invariably blame a 3rd-Party Add-on.

  21. I've introduced a custom field to issues which is filled by the multiple user pickup dialog. and I would like to add all persons from this custom field automatically as watchers of the issue. Is this possible?

    1. I'm in a similar situation, were you able to find a solution?

  22. Does anyone know a way to do a mass change to add watchers to multiple issues at once?  Nevermind, the latest version of JIRA allows that now.

    1. Anonymous

      How do you do this? I'm using v6.1.2

  23. Is there a way to add votes on behalf of our customers? Right now I can only add one vote, and our system is not open to our customers.

  24. Hello,

    I'm new on JIRA and i would like to know if it's possible to desactivate or delete the vote system in Jira.

    Thank you for your prompt answer.

    1. Hello,

      it is possible via switched off the "Allow users to vote on issues" at Administration-> System-> Options

  25. Cool, thank you very much.

    Best regards.

  26. Cool, thank you very much.

    Best regards.

  27. Cool, thank you very much.

    Best regards.

  28. How can I add external people as watchers. I want to allow public access to a JIRA issue and add someone as a watcher via their email address. Thanks.

    1. First, you have to add users to your version of JIRA that count against your user license.  Then you can add them as watchers.  Most likely when you add such users, you'll want permission schemes in place at the project and probably issue levels to ensure they don't access issues with sensitive info.

  29. How do I update the Watchers from JIRA Agile? I really wish that I could just watch tickets from either Plan or Work view of Agile.

    1. While "Watchers" does not appear to be an available option within Board, Configure, Issue Detail View, People, one work around is to add a quick filter with the following JQL: watcher = CurrentUser().  That way you at least filter on the issues you are watching. Not perfect but a start.

  30. At a project level I want to be able to define 2 watchers.  I can define 1 watcher with the project lead designation, but I cannot define more than 1 person to be the project lead.  Also, I can add additional watchers to individual issues, but I want a team member to be able to watch all issues on a given project.  Any ideas?

  31. Hi, I am currently watching more than 10 issues which I need to be notified on but I am not getting any notification. When I go into my profile settings and click on watches it says I am currently not watching any issue which makes no sense since I have a lot issues under my watch. I have already change my email notification settings but still not getting notifications on my email and I know this is a simple problem to solve but it is very important for me to get notifications and follow up on every issue I have pending 

    1. Hi Manuel,

      When you view the issue, you need to click on the "Start watching this issue" link. This should increase the number in the Watcher's lozenge by one. If you then click on the lozenge, you should see a list of people watching the issue. If you are not included in this list, you will need to raise a support ticket to address the issue.

      If you are included in the list, but you are still not receiving notifications, it could be for a number of reasons. This Atlassian Answer may help, as may this knowledge base article. If these still don't resolve your issue, it may be something specific to do with your set up, and you would need to discuss this with your JIRA administrators. If this still doesn't resolve the issue, you will need to raise a support ticket.

      Hope this helps (and you get the notification email of this reply)!


  32. No votes, quorums, and vote weights based on group membership would all be awesome.  With those features people could implement a co-op business model with Jira.  I will also check out the survey plugin.

  33. I think the answer is "no"; however, I will ask in case I'm wrong:  Is there any way for an admin user to remove all votes on an issue?

    1. Hi Michelle Logan,

      Unfortunately you're correct, there is no way to remove all the votes on an issue. May I ask the use case? I can't find any requests for this functionality and I'm sure our product managers would be interested!



      1. I've asked all the relevant stakeholders to use the voting feature to provide their top 10 issues from the backlog to inlcude into a maintenance cycle; however, there is no way to bulk unvote on issues or to limit their votes to 10 so their top 10 becomes top 15, top 20, etc... So they don't remove their votes when adding votes to new issues that they want on the next cycle. If there were a way for them to bulk remove their votes or limit the number of votes they are allowed to vote on that could also work. Ideally, as a JIRA admin, I want the ability to bulk clear anyone's votes so that open issues voted on in previous cycles will not always be included in future cycles unless voted on again.

        1. Ok I think I get it, you're asking your stake holders to vote for the top 10, then before your cycle you pick the 10 issues with the most votes to work on? Then what you'd like to do is remove all votes and go through the process again?

          I'm not sure if this will help, but it may be a solution, It's an independent plugin that allows you to count votes separately from the usual JIRA votes, and limit the number of votes too. At Atlassian, we use votes as one of many factors to prioritise our backlogs and bug fixing schedules. This page on Support Policies helps explain it in more detail.

          Hope this helps!


          1. Thanks for your help. That plugin seems to be what we need. 

            Thanks again,


  34. Is there any way to get the Notification mail , when user vote an issue ?

  35. Am I able to configure the issue details view in JIRA Service Desk to show participants in the People section? Similar to what the screenshot above looks like (with the Last Commented By field). It seems that you're only able to do it in Agile/JIRA