Documentation for JIRA 4.0. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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When you create, edit or comment on a JIRA issue, some fields may display two small icons at the right of the text area: a blue screen (the 'Preview' icon) and a yellow question-mark (the 'Help' icon). The presence of these icons indicates that this field supports JIRA's Text Formatting Notation, allowing you to use rich-text features such as:

  • Italic, bold, underlined text.
  • Multiple levels of headings.
  • Bullets, numbered lists, tables and quotations.
  • Images.
  • Macros (see below).

For example, to include an image in the field, you would first attach the image to the issue, then type the following into the field:

To preview what the field will look like after you save it, click the 'Preview' icon:

Click the 'Help' icon to see a popup window containing the Text Formatting Notation Help.

Using Macros

JIRA ships with the following macros:



Enabled by default

Anchor Macro

Create an anchor that allows people to link to a specific point in a page. Usage:

... text here ...


Code Macro

Format blocks of source-code or XML. The default language is Java but you can specify JavaScript, ActionScript, XML, HTML and SQL too. Usage:

--- Java example ---
// Some comments here
public String getFoo()
    return foo;
*--- XML example ---*
  <another tag="attribute"/>


Quote Macro

Generate blockquotes that may contain multiple paragraphs or complex markup. Usage:

This is text from another source


No Format Macro

Create blocks of text where other wiki formatting is not applied. Usage:


Panel Macro

Draw a panel with the following optional parameters:

  • title: Title of the panel
  • borderStyle: The style of the border this panel uses (solid, dashed and other valid CSS border styles)
  • borderColor: The color of the border this panel uses
  • borderWidth: The width of the border this panel uses
  • bgColor: The background color of this panel
  • titleBGColor: The background color of the title section of this panel
    {panel}Some text{panel}
    {panel:title=My Title}Some text with a title{panel}
    {panel:title=My Title| borderStyle=dashed| borderColor=#ccc| titleBGColor=#F7D6C1| bgColor=#FFFFCE}
    a block of text surrounded with a *panel*
    yet _another_ line


Colour Macro

Change the colour of the contained text. Usage:

look ma, red text!

You can use any of the sixteen standard HTML colours ('aqua','black','blue','fuschia','green','gray','lime', 'maroon','navy','olive','purple','red','silver','teal','white','yellow'), or any hexadecimal colour code (e.g. '#336699').


Lorem Ipsum Macro

Insert paragraphs of "lorem ipsum" space-filler text. Usage:



HTML Macro

Use HTML code within a Jira Issue. Usage:

<p>You'll find a lot more in <A href="chapter2.html">chapter two</a>.
See also this <a href="../images/forest.gif">map of the enchanted forest.</A></p>



The JIRA Text Formatting Notation and macros will only be available if your JIRA administrator has configured the relevant renderers.