Documentation for JIRA 4.0. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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The 'JIRA home directory' contains key data that help define how JIRA works. This document outlines the purpose of the various files and directories in the JIRA home directory. (For information on specifying the location of the JIRA home directory, please see Setting your JIRA Home Directory .)

(tick) Tip: Another term for 'home directory' would be 'data directory'.

Important Directories


This directory contains application data for your JIRA instance, including:


JIRA will place its automated backup archives in this directory. Note, your JIRA administrator can define a custom backups directory.

This does not affect manually generated backups, i.e. you must specify the target location for a manually generated backup.


This is the directory where plugins built on Atlassian's Plugin Framework 2 (i.e. 'Plugins 2' plugins) are stored. If you are installing a new 'Plugins 2' plugin, you will need to deploy it into this directory under the installed-plugins sub-directory.

'Plugins 1' plugins should be stored in the JIRA Installation directory.

This directory is created on JIRA startup, if it does not exist already.


This is where JIRA stores caches including:

These files are vital for JIRA performance and should not be modified or removed externally while JIRA is running.

(info) Note: If you are running a high load JIRA instance, you may wish to consider moving your indexes from the default directory under JIRA home to another machine. The directory which holds your indexes is heavily accessed while JIRA is running. Hence, your JIRA instance may run more efficiently by hosting the indexes on the fastest disk available and reducing the number of other applications using the same disk to reduce access contention.

See Search Indexing for further details.


Any temporary content created for various runtime functions such as exporting, importing, file upload and indexing is stored under this directory.

You can remove files from this directory while JIRA is running, but we recommend that you shut down JIRA first before altering the contents of this directory.

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