Documentation for JIRA 4.0. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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Usage FAQ 
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Page: Adding custom content to the front page Page: Allow editing of Closed Issues Page: Allowing users to create issues anonymously Page: Anonymising data Page: Asking for an attachment on the Create Issue page Page: Associating a new screen with issue operations Page: Can I store customer details, like company, address and contact information, in JIRA? Page: Change JIRA Browser Icon Page: Changing Custom Field Types Page: Changing JIRA's log output Page: Changing Templates Used by Export to Excel from the Issue Navigator Page: Changing the default attachment size limit Page: Changing the Default Order for Comments from Ascending to Descending Page: Changing the default session timeout Page: Changing the Due Date input format Page: Changing the Issue Key format Page: Changing the Project Key Page: Changing the Size and Content of the Components Select List Page: Changing the Size of the Fix Versions and Affects Versions Select List Page: Changing the Size of the Text Area Custom Field Page: Changing the Temporary Directory Page: Changing the username in JIRA Page: Commonly Asked CSV Questions and Known Issues Page: Configure the Destination Step After Issue Creation Page: Configuring project specific security Page: Connecting to SSL services Page: Creating a Custom Workflow Page: Creating an Unassigned Issue Page: Creating Issues via direct HTML links Page: Current Reporter Browse Project Permission Page: Custom field column not visible in Issue Navigator Page: CVS ssh Jira Integration Page: Disabling Remember My Login on this Computer Page: Displaying a Field Based on Another Field Selection Page: Editing a custom field option Page: Escalating issues (or sending email notifications) when the set turnaround time is exceeded Page: Extra CSV Import Features Page: Field Layout Schemes in JIRA 3.x Page: Finding the Id for Issue Types Page: Finding the Support Entitlement Number (SEN) Page: Group Name Guidelines for JIRA Page: How can I control the editing of issue fields via workflow? Page: How do I assign issues to multiple users? Page: How do I change the constraints on historical time parameters in gadgets? Page: How do I delete a user account? Page: How do I disable Firebug for JIRA? Page: How do I unlock my JIRA home directory? Page: How do I upgrade my Greenhopper License for JIRA 4.0 Enterprise Hosted on Page: How Do I Use an SSL Certificate Generated Using openssl? Page: How is JIRA pronounced? Page: How the CreateOrCommentHandler works? Page: How to clear the resolution field when the issue is reopened Page: How to configure sub-task to have a specific screen? Page: How to create a download link to a file Page: How to disable the Resolve issue screen while resolving issues Page: How to display a different format for the Number customfield Page: How to display custom field of the sub-task in the parent issue screen? Page: How to ensure the Road Map tab is visible Page: How to have long component version names display properly in the Issue Navigator Page: How to Remove 'NONE' from a Select List Custom Field Page: How to Rename the 'Priority' Field in the Issue Navigator Page: How to re-order the list of issue operation in an issue Page: How to resize Free Text Field customfield Page: How to search by number range in the Issue Navigator Page: Importing data Page: Importing user from LDAP Page: International characters in notification email subjects Page: JIRA as a Support System Page: Letting customers only create issues Page: Limiting the number of issues returned from a search view such as an RSS feed Page: Linking to local file under Firefox Page: Login problems Page: Mail error - Unable to relay Page: Migrating JIRA to Another Server Page: Obsolete guides Page: Outward Link Description and Inward Link Description Page: Parsing utf-7 emails Page: Plans for JIRA's LDAP integration Page: Project-specific email templates Page: QuickSearch guesses the issue key prefix (sometimes) Page: Receiving a Daily Summary of Updated Issues Page: Removing Commas for Values Held in Number Field Custom Field Type Page: Removing NONE from the Issue Security Drop-Down List Page: Re-order workflow transactions Page: Resolved issues appearing in Open issues filters Page: Restricting the Visibility of Worklog on an Issue Page: Retrieving the JIRA Administrator Page: Scheme Entity Relations Map Page: Sending a JIRA data backup to support Page: Setting Assignee for Issues Created from Email Page: Single Sign-on Page: Tracking the Time Taken for Each Workflow Transition Page: Translating JIRA Page: Troubleshooting Issue Creation Via Email Page: Troubleshoot Mail Notification Problems Page: User access logging Page: Using JIRA to Manage reusable modules Page: Using validators to make custom fields required on transition screens Page: We already have users & groups defined elsewhere - can JIRA make use of these? Page: What does JIRA mean? Page: Where are the JIRA logs? Page: Why doesn't JIRA have a Severity field like Bugzilla? Page: Workflow Properties Page: XML format for import & export files