Documentation for JIRA 4.1. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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Statuses are used to represent the position of the issue in its workflow. A workflow represents a business process, represented as a set of stages that an issue goes through to reach a final stage (or one of the final stages). Each stage in the workflow (called a workflow step) is linked to an issue status, and an issue status can be linked to only one workflow step in a given workflow.

JIRA ships with a set of default statuses that are used by the default workflow. You can add your own statuses and customise the workflow, as well as change the names, descriptions and icons of existing Statuses.

Defining a New Status

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission.
  2. Bring up the administration page by clicking either the 'Administration' link on the top bar or the title of the Administration box on the dashboard.
  3. Open the left-hand sub-menu titled "Issue Settings" if it is not open already and click on the link labelled "Statuses".
  4. This will bring up the View Statuses page. The page lists the existing Statuses, along with a form underneath to add a new Status.
  5. To add a new Status, fill in the Add New Status form. For the name put a short phrase that best describes your new Status. For the description, put a sentence or two to describe what stage this Status represents. For the Icon URL you need to supply the path of a 16x16-pixel image that has been placed somewhere inside JIRA's opened .WAR. We suggest you place it in /images/icons:

    JIRA ships with a number of images that can be used as status icons. These images are located in the /images/icons directory inside the JIRA .war and include:
    • status_assigned.gif
    • status_closed.gif
    • status_document.gif
    • status_down.gif
    • status_email.gif
    • status_generic.gif
    • status_information.gif
    • status_inprogress.gif
    • status_invisible.gif
    • status_needinfo.gif
    • status_open.gif
    • status_reopened.gif
    • status_resolved.gif
    • status_trash.gif
    • status_unassigned.gif
    • status_up.gif
    • status_visible.gif

Deleting a Status

The 'View Statuses' table can be used to edit and delete Statuses. Please note that only 'Inactive' statuses (i.e. statuses that are not used in any workflow) can be deleted. For 'Inactive' statuses, a 'Delete' link will appear next to the 'Edit' link.