Documentation for JIRA 4.1. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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We do not have a formal set of naming conventions for groups in JIRA. However we do have some current, or recently resolved, issues related to group names in JIRA, and based on those issues, we suggest at least the following guidelines:

  • Don't use commas: JRA-12675
  • Don't use ampersands (&): JRA-13780
  • Keep group names to less than 60 characters: JRA-13329
  • Don't use group names with only one character in JIRA versions prior to 3.12.3: JRA-14495
  • Don't use '#' characters in JIRA versions prior to 3.12: JRA-13509
  • We suggest standardising on lower case names for groups: JRA-13798, JRA-5434

Beyond those guidelines, our more general recommendation is to keep group names simple, preferably restricting them to alphanumeric characters, and '-', '_' or a space for word separators - e.g. "jira-users".

If you use non-ASCII characters in your group names, ensure that your database character encoding scheme supports those characters. For MySQL, ensure that the database has a character set encoding of UTF8 by following our instructions for creating the database.

If you are integrating JIRA with LDAP, ensure that you conform to any naming restrictions imposed by your LDAP server.

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