Documentation for JIRA 4.1. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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JIRA allows you to vote for a particular issue — "voicing" your preference for that issue to be resolved or completed. JIRA also allows you to watch a particular issue, signing up for notifications of any updates relating to that issue (provided an appropriate notification scheme has been set up for the project by your JIRA administrator).

You can also view the voter and watcher lists for an issue and, if you have the correct permission (see below), you can manage the watcher list — that is, add other people to the watcher list. This is useful if you need to draw someone's attention to a particular issue.

The voter and watcher lists are shown in at the right of the screen when viewing an issue:

Screenshot: an Issue's 'Votes and Watchers' section

You can:

  • click the 'Vote' icon to instantly vote for the issue:
  • click the word 'Votes' to view the list of people who have voted for the issue.
  • click the 'Watcher' icon to instantly become a watcher of the issue:
  • click the word 'Watchers' to view and edit the list of people who are watching the issue. The 'Manage Watch List' form will appear (see screenshot below). You can type the required username(s) into the field provided, or click the 'user-picker' icon to select the username(s) from a list:

Screenshot: Managing the Watcher List


JIRA incorporates two permissions to govern who may view/edit the voter and watcher lists:

  • View Voters and Watchers — permits a user to view both the voter and watcher lists
  • Manage Watcher List — permits a user to view/edit the watcher list

These permissions are granted by your JIRA administrator, through a Permission Scheme.



It is not possible to edit the voter list.