Documentation for JIRA 4.2. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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The JIRA Developer Forum is a place for the discussion of extending and customising JIRA.

Forum Guidelines

The developer forum is set up for the discussion of:

  • JIRA development: Plugins, themes or JIRA source customisation
  • JIRA's internal and remote APIs
  • Automation of tasks in JIRA
  • Announcement of new JIRA developer releases
  • Announcement of new plugin releases
  • Requests for plugins or customisation services
  • Complaints that JIRA have broken the plugin APIs again

The following are discouraged:

  • Requests for support setting up or running JIRA should be directed to
  • Bug-reports should be submitted to (If the bug is specific to plugin development or JIRA's internal APIs, you can discuss it on the developer forum, but PLEASE submit a bug as well!)
  • Questions about using, running or administering JIRA should be directed to The general JIRA forum
  • It's OK to respond to requests for professional services on the forum, or to plug your business in plugin announcements or your signature, but please don't just post advertisements.

The Developer FAQ

Some questions come up on the forum a lot. Make sure you've checked the JIRA Developer FAQ first.

About the Participants

When taking part in the forum, please keep in mind that JIRA licenses do not include a guaranteed level of developer support. The JIRA development team follows and contributes to the forum because it's important to us to have a healthy ecosystem of third-party developers, and because we love seeing the cool stuff that our customers and partners come up with. That said, we can't respond to every request, and developers are also expected to help themselves by reading the available documentation, the API, and occasionally even looking at the JIRA source-code.

Also keep in mind that a lot of the people on the list don't work for Atlassian at all, and are answering questions because they're nice people.

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