Documentation for JIRA 4.3. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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To create a JIRA issue, you will need to have the 'Create Issue' permission in the relevant project. If you don't have this permission, please contact your JIRA administrator.

To create a new JIRA issue:

  1. Click the 'Create Issue' link at the top of the screen.
    The 'Choose the project and issue type' popup will be displayed.

    (info) Note that this popup will not be displayed if:
    • There is only one project and only one issue type for that project in your JIRA site.
    • You click 'Create Issue' while browsing a project, and there is only one issue type for that project.
    • You click one of the 'Create' icons while browsing a project, e.g.:
  2. Select the relevant project and issue type, then click the 'Create' button.
    The 'Enter the details of the issue' screen will be displayed.

    (info) Note that this screen may look different if your JIRA administrator has customised it.
  3. Type a summary of the issue and complete any other required fields, which are italicised and highlighted by an asterisk.
  4. Click the 'Create' button at the bottom of the page. The new issue will be created and you will see the 'View Issue' screen, showing the issue details that you have provided. You may also receive an email containing details and a link to your new issue.

(info) To see a list of all issues that you have created, which have not yet been resolved, go to your user profile and click the 'Reported & Open' filter.


With appropriate configuration by your JIRA administrator, it is also possible to create issues via email.