Documentation for JIRA 4.3. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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About issue linking

Issue linking allows you to create an association between two issues. For example:

  • An issue may relate to another.
  • An issue may duplicate (be a superset of) another.
  • An issue may block another.

(Your JIRA administrator can customise the types of links that you can create.)

Within an issue, links to other issues look like this:

Screenshot: the 'Issue Links' section within an issue

Note that resolved issues will be shown in strike-through font, e.g. DEMO-1.

To create links between issues, you will need to have the Link Issues permission in the project(s) to which the issues belong.

To create a link between issues:

  1. View the issue from which you want to create a link.
  2. Select 'Link' from the 'More Actions' menu. The 'Link Issue' form will be displayed. Select the type of link to be created, and the issue(s) to be linked to.
  3. You can link to single or multiple issues. There are two ways to specify the issue(s) in the Issues field:
    • Type the full issue key (e.g. ABC-123) — or a comma-separated list of issue keys, if linking multiple issues.
      NOTE: If you have previously browsed an issue, you can find the issue number by typing the first few letters of the issue key (or part of the Summary), which will display a drop-down list:

    • Click the 'Select Issue' (plus) icon to use the 'Issue Selector' popup, which allows you to select either from issues recently viewed, or from issues returned from your chosen saved search filter (click the 'Please select a value' drop-down to choose a saved search filter).
      • To select a single issue, click the issue key.
      • To select multiple issues, click the 'Select multiple issues' link. Checkboxes will appear, enabling multiple issues to be selected:

        Select the issues, then click the 'Select issues' link to close the popup and return to the 'Link Issue' form.
  4. Click the 'Link' button.

To delete a link:

  1. Go to an issue that contains links, and locate the 'Issue Links' section (see screenshot at top of page).
  2. Hover your mouse over the link you wish to delete, and click the 'Delete' (trashcan) icon that appears.

Searching for linked issues

You can search for issues that are linked to a particular issue. For details, please see the documentation on Advanced Searching.