Documentation for JIRA 4.3. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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JIRA supports some configuration and debugging settings that can be enabled through Java system properties. System properties are usually set by passing the -D flag to the Java virtual machine in which JIRA is running. See Setting Properties and Options on Startup.

List of Startup Parameters

Memory Property


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These properties are pre-existing. See related pages for instructions.

Increasing JIRA Memory

-XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps -verbose:gc -Xloggc:gc.log -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError

Set these for Garbage Collection tuning.

Using Garbage Collection Logs to Analyze JIRA Performance
Using Memory Dumps to Analyze OutOfMemoryErrors



Profiling Memory and CPU Usage with YourKit

Mail Property


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Set to 'true' to disable mail. In Linux, there is a pre-existing flag to uncomment.

Migrating JIRA to Another Server
Notifications Are Issued for Incorrect Issues


If set to "true", logs statements related to mail

Configuring JIRA to Send SMTP Mail
Creating Issues and Comments from Email



Unable to Decode Mail Subject or Body when Creating Issue From Email



Authenticate Failed Error when Connecting to Exchange



'javax.mail.MessagingException No login methods supported' Due to IMAP over SSL


Sets mail handler to work correctly with emails from RFC 2231-compliant mail clients.

Installing JIRA WAR-EAR
Installing JIRA on Tomcat 5.5
JIRA 4.0 Upgrade Guide



Problems Sending Email from JIRA - EHLO requires domain address

Encoding Property


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Set to utf-8 for encoding consistency

Integrating JIRA with CVS and ViewCVS
Characters Not Supported by ASCII are Being Displayed as Question Marks
Internationalisation and Encoding Troubleshooting
SQL Exception while Updating Issues or Importing Data in JIRA with MySQL Due to Encoding
International Characters in Notification Email Subject Lines Are Being Replaced with Question Mark

Other Properties


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When set to true, disables trackbacks

Enabling Trackback



Incorrect Times Displayed in JIRA


Values include Basic,Digest,Negotiate,NTLM

JIRA Startup Fails Due to 'java.lang.SecurityException Unable to locate a login configuration'
Subversion Plugin Displays 'An unknown error occurred - actions == null' Due to SVN Authentication



OutOfMemory Due to Tomcat Memory Leak


Enable/Disable assertions

java.lang.AssertionError When Sending Mail Via SMTP


SocketException to Announce 'Invalid argument' for an Available Port


Connecting to SSL services
Unable to Access SSL Services due to


Ships with true by default. Allows thumbnail generation.


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