Documentation for JIRA 4.4. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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Customisations to Velocity templates or other JIRA files are not included in the scope of Atlassian Support.

Deploying Velocity Templates without a Restart

In a development instance, you can play with picking up velocity file changes without a restart.
From <jira-install>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/

  1. Change class.resource.loader.cache from true to false
  2. Uncomment (remove the # sign from) #velocimacro.library.autoreload=true

Keep in mind that the next time you upgrade JIRA – or need a new installation for any reason – you will have to manually copy any changes you have made to the JSPs or tempates into the new installation of JIRA. If the JSPs or templates have changed in the newer version, you will have to port your customization into them.

Some times it is nice to display the header row when viewing a list of sub-tasks in the Issue Detail view. There was a post about this in our forum community:

In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to modify <install directory>/atlassian-jira/includes/panels/issue/view_subtaskissues.jsp. Then implement the following method. setDisplayHeader as follows:

Restart JIRA for the change to take effect.