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Atlassian is a little different than many software companies when it comes to how we sell our software. Our key desire is to build incredible software and make it as accessible as possible by keeping the pricing low. And one of the ways we accomplish this is by relying on a slightly different sales model.

One key difference of our sales model is that we do not have a traditional sales force who would normally be available to complete RFIs and RFPs. However for those of you who do need some RFI/RFP help in your sales process we have two options for you.

First we have gathered and published the top RFI/RFP questions in an attached MS Word document which you can view below or download now.

Secondly we have an excellent world wide network of Atlassian Partners who can help you complete your RFI/RFP.  Please feel free to browse through the online directory or email us (partners@atlassian.com) to ask for a recommendation.  Our Atlassian Partners can resell our applications as well as provide professional services such as installation, customization, integrations, etc.

(info) Hint - you can use your browser's search tool (ctrl+f) to quickly find keywords in the MS Word document shown below.  As a reminder, the document shown below is available for download now.

editable only by Atlassian staff

1            Vendor Information


1.1                  VENDOR IDENTIFICATION


1.1.1                    Vendor Name


1.1.2                    Head Office Location

173-185 Sussex Street. Sydney, NSW, 2000. Australia

1.1.3                    Other Office Locations

San Francisco - 375 Alabama Street #325. San Francisco, CA, 94110. USA

Amsterdam - Herengracht 124-128. 1015BT Amsterdam. Netherlands

Tokyo - Le Premier Akihabara 11F. 73 Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo 101-0022 Japan

1.1.4                    Product/Service being assessed (For products please include version number, language, service pack level)

JIRA 4.0 and above.



1.2                  GENERAL INFORMATION


1.2.1                    Does your company have a parent company or any subsidiary companies?


1.2.2                    How long has your company been in business? 

Since 2002.

1.2.3                    Does your company, have a stable financial background and profile?

Yes, we have been in profit since inception.  We are privately held.

1.2.4                    Is an annual report available for your company?

No. We have some revenue numbers listed online.

1.2.5                    Does your company have any contractor, subcontractor, consultant, system integrator, etc. commitments or relationships in the recent past or in progress?

We have an official Atlassian Partner Network .

1.2.6                    Is your company widely used in the market place?

Yes.  We have over 17,000 customers and over 12,000 JIRA customers . (updated as of March 2010 – current numbers are available on our website)

1.2.7                    Does your company market any other products?

Yes. We sell other development and collaboration tools .

1.2.8                    Does your company have satisfied customers who can provide you with a reference? If yes, provide details.

Yes. We have lots of customer case studies and Voice of the Customer interviews and references are often available on request.




2            System Requirements


2.1                  SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS


2.1.1                    Which operating system do you support?

Any that can run Java , including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

2.1.2                    Does JIRA have a web based interface?

Yes. JIRA is fully accessible via the web.

2.1.3                    Which browsers do you support?

Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari. Please see versions .

2.1.4                    Which databases do you support?

Please check the latest supported databases list online.

2.1.5                    Which applications servers do you support?

Please check the latest supported application servers list online.

2.1.6                    What hardware will JIRA run on?

Please check the latest hardware requirements online.

2.1.7                    Do I need to install JIRA on every machine?

No.  JIRA is a browser based application.

2.1.8                    Do you support virtual machines/VMware?

Only in specific virtual environments as outlined online.

2.1.9                    Do you provide a SaaS/Hosted service?

Yes. We have JIRA Hosted and also JIRA Studio which bundles JIRA along with some of our other development tools.

2.1.10                 What framework is JIRA based on?


2.1.11                 What language is JIRA written in?




3            Functional Requirements


3.1                  FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS


3.1.1                    Do you have roles and groups for user management?

Yes. JIRA has both roles and groups .

3.1.2                    Can JIRA use custom fields?

Yes. Custom Fields can be created.

3.1.3                    Can JIRA create custom issues?

Yes. Custom Issue Types can be created.

3.1.4                    Can different issues show different fields?

Yes, this can be configured .

3.1.5                    Can JIRA create custom workflows?

Yes. Custom Workflows can be created.

3.1.6                    Can different issues have different workflows?

Yes. This can be configured .

3.1.7                    Can we import our existing issues into JIRA?

Yes. Our guide is online .

3.1.8                    Does JIRA have an agile component?

Yes. Provided by the GreenHopper plugin.

3.1.9                    Does JIRA keep the history of an issue?

Yes. JIRA records this in the Change History tab.

3.1.10                 Does JIRA allow for searching of issues?

Yes via the Issue Navigator .

3.1.11                 Does JIRA have a quick search?

Yes. Quick Search is available.

3.1.12                 Does JIRA have a query builder?

Yes. JIRA has Advanced Searching .

3.1.13                 What reports does JIRA include?

The Report List is available online.



4            Integration


4.1                  INTEGRATION


4.1.1                    Can JIRA integrate with our email server?

Yes. JIRA can send email notifications and users can also send email to JIRA .

4.1.2                    Can JIRA integrate with our LDAP/AD server?

Yes . We also suggest you use Atlassian Crowd for total user management.

4.1.3                    Can JIRA integrate with our version control system?

Yes. There are several options . We recommend Atlassian FishEye .

4.1.4                    Can JIRA integrate with a  build management system?

Yes. We recommend Atlassian Bamboo .

4.1.5                    Can JIRA integrate with a wiki/documentation system?

Yes. We recommend Atlassian Confluence .

4.1.6                    Can JIRA integrate with a code review system?

Yes. We recommend Atlassian Crucible .

4.1.7                    Can JIRA integrate with our IDE?

Yes. Eclipse, ItelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio .

4.1.8                    Can JIRA integrate with all our other systems?

Yes. This can be done via a custom plugin.



5            Customisation


5.1                  Customisation


5.1.1                    Can JIRA be customized?

Yes. We have documented all the resource at the JIRA Development Hub .

5.1.2                    Does Atlassian provide customisation services?

This is handled by our worldwide network of Atlassian Partners .

5.1.3                    Is the JIRA source code available and can we modify it?

Yes, all customers have source code access to make any modifications.

5.1.4                    Are there any available plugins?

Yes, they can be found at the JIRA Plugin homepage.

5.1.5                    Can the layout be configured to look like our corporate brand?

Yes, you can configure the look and feel .

5.1.6                    Can we customize the email notifications?

Yes. JIRA uses Velocity templates .

5.1.7                    Can we create our own JIRA reports?

Yes. We have a Report Tutorial and there are many Report Plugins .



6            Security


6.1                  SECURITY


6.1.1                    Do JIRA users require a password?


6.1.2                    Does JIRA offer project level security?

Yes, via Project Permissions .

6.1.3                    Does JIRA offer issue level security?

Yes, via Issue Level Security .

6.1.4                    Does JIRA offer different levels of administration access?

Yes, two levels: JIRA Systems Administrators and JIRA Administrators .

6.1.5                    Does JIRA have public signup?

Yes. Public signup also includes CAPTCHA security.

6.1.6                    What other security is available?

Comment and Work-log visibility.

6.1.7                    Can we use SSL/HTTPS with JIRA?

Yes. SSL is documented online.

6.1.8                    What is your security patch policy?

We have outlined our Security Patch Policy online.



7            Training and Documentation




7.1.1                    Is training available?

Yes. Atlassian has several JIRA training programs .

7.1.2                    Are customized training services at the client site an option?

Yes, via our worldwide network of Atlassian Partners .

7.1.3                    Is user documentation available for the product?

Yes. Atlassian publishes all product documentation online.



8            Licensing and Purchasing



8.1                  LICENSING AND PURCHASING


8.1.1                    How much is JIRA?

Price is based on the number of users. Please check online for JIRA Prices .

8.1.2                    How many servers can I install JIRA with each license?

A License is only valid for one production server, License Terms are online.

8.1.3                    Do you have site wide licenses?

Not at this time.

8.1.4                    Do you have multiple product license?

Not at this time.

8.1.5                    How often is JIRA released?

Our Release Summary is online but since 2010 we have introduced 98 day release cycles.

8.1.6                    How much is JIRA support?

Support is included in the cost of the license for one year.

8.1.7                    What SLA do you have for JIRA support?

Please see our Support Policy online.