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  1. After resolving and reopening a ticket, you realize that the initial resolution date has been updated. The only way to see when this was first resolved is by accessing the history tab in your issue. 


  1. The Resolution timestamp is automatically updated when there is an update to the Resolution field.


  1. Install JIRA Suite Utilities so that we have access to the extra conditions and post functions we need for your workflow.

  2. Create a new text custom field (we called this First Resolution Date) and make sure it is on the appropriate screens. Ideally we would want to use a Date/Time field, but it seems that JIRA Suite utilities is not able to condition on date fields at this time.

  3. Copy and edit your workflow and create a new transition that is basically the "Resolve Issue" transition (it cannot have the exact same name, we used "Resvole"), but has a condition that checks to make sure that First Resolution Date is null. This will ensure that this transition only shows up when the First Resolution Date has not already been set. Once the condition is set, then create a post function for this transition that updates the First Resolution Date to grab the current time (%%CURRENT_DATETIME%%). After that, you will want to update the "Fire a Generic Event event that can be processed by the listeners." post function to be the Issue Resolved event instead (this should ensure that the Resolution date field is updated as well).

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  1. The cause is when the Resolution is updated, not the Status

    1. Fixed. Thanks for verification Matt.

  2. Hi,

    This information is really helpfull. Someone knows if Atlassian has in his backlog an improvement that makes viable to use the date field instead of the text field?