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Page: 'Cannot get issue navigator restriction clause' Error Appears in Logs After Modifying jira-application.properties Page: 'java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException Could not add user initiator to group' Error when Adding a User to a Group Due to Existing Crowd User Page: 'Mode' missing after importing Cloud backup to Server instance Page: 'SelectIssueTypeSchemeForProject.doExecute' Error when Assigning an Issue Type Scheme to a Project Fails Due to Invalid Project Data Page: 500 Error Page when Copying a Permission Scheme Page: 500 page error when using project issue filter Page: Accessing the Administration page throws the error "Invocation of method 'getNotEmptySectionsForLocation'" Page: Accessing the UPM throws a java.net.UnknownHostException Page: Administration menu not visible or 'Admin Menu Section' plugin disabled Page: After migrating JIRA from a server to another, can't execute the embedded JAVA command Page: Allow users to only be able to view sub-task but not its parent issue Page: Audit log contains 'java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to parse AuditLogEntry from JSON string:' Page: Auto Assign is Going to Wrong User Page: Browse Projects Tab Does Not Show Projects Page: Cannot browse nor create Workflows due to Passed List had more than one value exception Page: Cannot change Base URL to reserved domain name Page: Cannot change fixVersion on one or more subtasks - JIRA 5 Page: Cannot edit custom field issue type association Page: Cannot load Versions and Components if Project Key begins with a number other than 0 Page: Cannot remove JIRA Service from Windows Page: Changing the forward address for the JIRA Mail Handler does not forward mail to specified address Page: Clone issue doesn't work on specific issue Page: Configuring JIRA Service to Run on a Different JVM Page: Created with no associated contexts error when trying to create projects in JIRA Page: Custom field edition throws "cannot be cast to java.lang.String" Page: Date format not accepted when releasing a version Page: Default Value For a Hidden Required Field Will Not Be Carried Over Page: Didn't find any configuration service for bundle com.atlassian.streams.thirdparty-plugin nor any entities scanning for default AO packages. Page: Disabling JIRA Screenshot applet Page: Duplicate workflow drafts results in 500 errors when editing an affected workflow Page: Enabling 'invalidate.session.on.login' Causes Many Sessions to be Created for Same User Page: Error Importing from XML backup: A Group in the backup file is missing the groupName parameter Page: Error when removing an option from a select list custom field Page: Exception caught in 500 error page due to field configuration schemes entries has corrupted Page: Fixing Broken 'Projects' Drop-Down due to 'avatarId should not be null!' Error Page: Granting Browse Project permission to 'Current Assignee', 'Reporter' or 'User Custom Field Value' allows all users to view Project information Page: hipchat-client-io exception ERROR entries in log Page: How to change the location of stdout and stderr logs Page: How to disable JIRA Insiders pop up dialog Page: How to make the select-list custom field visible when the value is 'None' (not selected) Page: How to remove the "None" option from Radio Buttons Page: How to Restrict the Subversion Commits Tab to Selected Projects or Users Page: How to set logging level for a package in JIRA Page: How to set the starting issue number for a project Page: Icons not displayed in JIRA notification Page: Inline editing of labels not functioning properly Page: Issue Operation or Trying to Administer a Project Results in NullPointerException Page: JIRA 6 EAR/WAR get 500 page error when trying to configure Issue Type Screen Scheme Page: JIRA: System Error When Project Administrator Trying to Access the Permission Page Page: JIRA Does Not Start due to Index Lock File(s) Page: JIRA has an empty "Shared Filters" and "Shared Dashboards" page even though there are shared filters/dashboards Page: JIRA indexing failure - 'The issue null has serious data integrity issues' Page: JIRA MySQL Usage Fails With Error - java.sql.BatchUpdateException Lock wait timeout exceeded Page: JIRA Pages Are Hidden After Configuring Announcement Banner Page: JIRA pages go hidden and unusable via Announcement Banner Page: JIRA stops creating tickets from emails Page: JIRA throws 500 Error when trying to view Versions page Page: JIRA throws "Internal Server Error" when trying to add users/groups to Project Roles Page: JIRA Throws NullPointerException When Navigate To Project's Issue Types Tab Page: JIRA times out when deleting project Page: Logging is not Writing to Specified Location Page: Making 'Assignee' field required when 'Allow unassigned issues' is turned ON in General Configuration Page: Menus Missing from JIRA Administration Panel Page: No delete option on Screens Page: Notifications Page in Project Administration is Blank Page: NullPointerException when creating issue, editing issue, move issue, accessing the Screen tab from the Project Page: NullPointerException when Deleting a Custom Field Page: NullPointerException when Deleting an Issue Type Page: NullPointerException when editing members of a Project Role Page: Project Import Error due to required plugin custom field Page: Project Issues Summary Page - Priority, Assignee, Component, and Issue Type reports are empty Page: Project Key Patterns with invalid characters Page: Project Overview does not display any information Page: Project Role can not be null when browsing an issue Page: Received java.lang.NumberFormatException when viewing issue history tab Page: Reporter (username) does not have permission to create attachments in project Page: Service ID 'xxxxx' no longer exists Page: Sort Fix/Affected Versions into a correct order in the Issue Screen Page: Tools Menu not available from Issue Navigator, warning reads: "The JIRA Server could not be contacted. This may be due to a temporary glitch or the server may be down." Page: Too many WorkflowScheme schemes found for Project Page: Unable to access a project Permission Scheme configuration due to NullPointerException Page: Unable to access JIRA Administration section Page: Unable to add users to a project role Page: Unable to Bulk Edit Security Level Page: Unable to Create Issue due to corrupt Custom Field Page: Unable to Delete a Project due to java.lang.NullPointerException Page: Unable to expand "Customize Colours and Dates" in Look and Feel Page: Unable to switch Issue Type Scheme due to inactive users Page: User 'null' does not have permission to see issue Page: User Picker Always Says No Matches in JIRA 4.4 Page: View All Projects return 500 error (com.google.template.soy.tofu.SoyTofuException: In template aui.avatar.avatar: In 'print' tag, expression "$avatarImageUrl" evaluates to undefined.) Page: Where are the application server logs? Page: XSRF not in the whitelist exception when performing the field operation