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JIRA cannot create users in Crowd. Other problems in the interaction between JIRA and Crowd are also likely caused by this problem.


Wrong version of the crowd-integration-client jar file in the lib directory. Also, it could be more than one crowd-integration-client jar in that directory.


Make sure the lib directory includes only the client jar file that matches your Crowd version.

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1 Comment

  1. Can you elaborate on what the filename of this jar is?  There are two that might match:

    • crowd-integration-client-rest-*.jar

    • crowd-integration-client-common-*.jar

    Secondly, JIRA 6.2.1 seems to come with the 2.8.0-OD-4 version of these jar files.  Are you suggesting we downgrade?  If so, then maybe you could link to a document that provides instructions on what jars to replace.  Thanks.