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Page: Browse Space Parent Page Page: JIRA Features and Best Practices Page: JIRA 6.0.7 out in the wild Page: How-To Articles Page: Troubleshooting Articles Page: Configure Workflow to allow Certain Group to Perform Certain Workflow Transition Page: Bulk Edit Groups in JIRA Page: JIRA Data Center Knowledge Base Home Page: Enabling detailed SQL logging in JIRA Page: PermissionType Passed To This Function Must NOT Be A Global Permission, 0 Is Global Page: Incoming Email Handler encounters "Unable to create issue with message.: null" Page: Authentication Against Azure Active Directory Page: Incorrect Issue Type Configuration for Custom Fields Stops CSV Import Page: Tab panel 'com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin:summary-panel' failed to render. Page: Matching Exported Issue Data to Update JIRA Projects with JIRA Importers Plugin Page: Merge Duplicate LDAP User Accounts Page: How to find issues from non-started sprints Page: Username changes to all caps after logging in Page: Universal Plugin Manager Fails with UrlSchemeMismatchException error Page: JIRA Service Desk Internationalization Page: Plugin License Incompatible with product license (wrong type) when using Open Source License. Page: You do not have permission to view this page when linking a Confluence page in a JIRA issue Page: "j is null" error being thrown in Firefox Page: JIRA Issue History not Showing Changes for some Fields Page: Bulk Edit Throws 500 Error Page: Changing theme and branding colors in JIRA Service Desk Page: Database limitations on number of projects in JIRA Page: Running SQL commands in a HSQL database Page: Configuring IIS with Tomcat when not using default website Page: JIRA Subversion Plugin: "The call to the JIRA server did not complete within the timeout period." Page: JIRA Fields unavailable when using JIRA Importers Plugin(JIM) Page: Error: Unable To Load Project Summary Panel Page: Dashboards are not visible Page: Updating Add-ons in JIRA is slow Page: Clicking "Configure" on Rapid board will throw NullPointerException Page: Project Becomes Corrupted After Project Key is Changed or New Project is Created Page: Issue Links show "Page Failed to Load" Page: notification from JIRA listed as phishing emails Page: Unable to comment on issues in the Activity Stream - You are not allowed to comment on this activity. Page: Error thrown when trying to access filter via direct URL Page: Cross User Directory Operation Not Possible Page: How to bulk add options to a Select list custom field Page: Exception thrown during upgrade: Invalid object name 'jiraeventtype'. Page: JIRA email template variable not replaced in the email received Page: Java 8 Improves JIRA Performance Dramatically Page: Outbound SSL Connections flooding the logs with exceptions Page: How to remove any entries related to Minyaa from the logs Page: Accessing JIRA Audit Information through the Database Page: Application Link authentication fails with a 'timestamp_refused' error Page: Outgoing Email Address Instead of Project Email Address Appears Page: Unable To Upload A New Logo Page: Dropdown Menu is not Working When Navigating From "Search Issue" Option Page: Not able to assign issues to users Page: Users receive a 'Forbidden - You do not have the permission to make this request.' error message Page: JIRA accounts not used in the last 90 days Page: List of users showing when the accounts were created and by whom Page: Users who never logged into JIRA Page: Changing Workflow Scheme Results in XSRF Token Error Page: JIRA not receiving ticket sharing invite from Zendesk Page: Issue is not showing expected transitions Page: MessageRemovedException in Log Files During Incoming Email Processing Page: Cannot connect with Crowd after upgrade/restore/restart Page: Zendesk Integration only available for JIRA Cloud but not for JIRA On-Premise Page: Using JIRA with Nginx and SSL dashboard gadgets are empty Page: Import linked issues by JSON Page: How to extract user data from external Database table. Page: How to attach an attachment in a JIRA issue using REST API Page: Sub Tasks Transitions upon Parent Issues Transitioning. Page: Workflow Properties in JIRA Service Desk Page: How To Remove or Edit Access to Development Panel Page: How can I get a list of fields used in JIRA? Page: JIRA console output: INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found Page: java.net.NoRouteToHostException in LDAP connection Page: Migrated from Cloud, attachments does not render. Page: JIRA 6.3.14 Out Now! Page: Custom Field in Issue Search Columns Not Exporting to Excel Page: How to Disable User Onboarding in JIRA 6.4 Page: Development Panel missing and Workflow triggers not working Page: Error rendering 'com.atlassian.jira.jira-view-issue-plugin:timetrackingmodule' Page: Recover Saved Filter from XML Backup Page: How to automatically assign an Issue to a user, based on Issue Type Page: How to hide the Priority icon in Agile Plan and Work modes Page: Importing a JIRA Backup Fails with JasperException Page: How to get a list of users assigned to project roles for your project Page: Unable to configure Outgoing E-Mail Notifications due to error: 501 5.5.4 Invalid domain name Page: Remove header and footer from Excel export Page: How To Automatically Change the Assignee when Transitioning the Workflow Page: JIRA Welcome Plugin failed to load during startup Page: JIRA Subversion plugin cannot be enabled due to some repositories having unreachable URLs Page: Reindexing JIRA fails with nullPointerException Page: Using Process Explorer to analyse JIRA performance on Windows Page: JIRA Failed to delete attachment with id (XXXX) Page: How to remove "For security reasons, JIRA no longer allow you to set custom paths path online" warning Page: How to change the default issue type displayed at the Create Issue screen. Page: Jelly is not working in JIRA 6.4 Page: How to enable and edit Component/s , Affects Version/s and Fix Version/s field ? Page: Validation Error for March ( März ) Date Picker in German " Umlaute " Environment Page: Linker custom fields not visible after upgrade to JIRA 6 Page: E-mails do not remain in the users Exchange Mailbox when they are not processed by JIRA Page: Symbols or Special Characters are hidden in issue page comment & description section Page: How to disable the Log Work option in JIRA Page: After upgrade from 4.x Linker custom fields are not visible Page: Mail Queue Failing to Send Due to Daily sending quota exceeded Page: Test document Page: JIRA Calendar Plugin Page: Users can't create issues "Account: Account is required" Page: Development panel showing duplicate commits Page: Some users get ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING error on some actions in JIRA (or any other application) Page: Incoming e-mails processing issue Page: Redundant White Space on Tempo Team Timesheet Gadget Page: Accessing the Issues summary page information when using the project sidebar Page: Cloning Issues or Indexing JIRA Throws Indexing Completed with 1 errors Page: JIRA Stops Functioning due to Timeout waiting for idle object Page: Invalid date format when using JIRA with JRE/JDK 1.8.0_11 Page: Webhooks plugin cannot be enabled during JIRA Start Up Page: Can't install JIRA using Linux installer Page: Pie Charts on Dashboards are not rendering ( An internal server error occurred when requesting resource ) Page: Dashboard gadgets display Forbidden Error Page: Increase the Number of Results to display on the Filter Results Dashboard Gadget Page: Define New Status or Steps in JIRA Workflow Page: Add a Custom Field to Transition Screen Page: Mapping A Screen to Workflow Transition Page: Configure a Custom Event Notification for a specific JIRA Workflow Transition or Status Page: Setup "Windows-based" (Active Directory) authentication with SQL Server Page: JIRA Indexing Snapshot Page: How to solve JIRA Service Desk mail loops Page: How to increase the report period of JIRA Timesheet Reports and Gadgets from 2 months ( default ) Page: How to connect to PostgreSQL using JNDI Page: JIRA Drag and Drop Plugin on the Side Bar Stop Working Page: Cannot search old issue key of subtask when parent issue is moved to another project Page: Updating Plugin License gives "Incompatible with product license (wrong type)" License Status Page: JIRA Permissions made Simple Page: "This project isn't available" Displayed After Creating a New JIRA Project Page: Import from Cloud to Standalone: Failed to start JIRA due to a build number inconsistency Page: Missing fields to map during Import Issues to CSV operation Page: How to disable Agile side panel from issue view screen Page: An exception occured while rendering the web panel Page: Image attachments are not displayed inline in wiki renderer fields Page: Notifications based on User/Group Custom Field Value not being delivered Page: How to Get the Total Count of Projects Per Workflow in JIRA Page: How to disable the Agile Board option from the More drop-down in JIRA issues. Page: Wrong email sender displayed in notifications from JIRA Page: Issue Security Scheme with a Security Level Anyone prevents issues from been shown when people search in projects it is associated with.


  1. Your RSS feed is empty.

    (Also, the cool kids use Atom (for good reasons), doncha know?)

    1. Thanks Chad. I've updated the feed.

      1. I cannot see anything in any of your RSS feeds, tried both crowd and JIRA but cannot see anything. Tried in both Firefox 7.0.1 and IE 9.

  2. Hi,

    The RSS feed looks empty again... Tested in latest Firefox and Chrome for Windows.

    1. You should remove the last param from the URL, it doesn't require auth.

  3. Are Atlassian release cumulative?  For example does 6.1 contain all of the changes made in 6.0.X prior to the release of 6.1?

    1. That's a good question that could usefully be added to a top-level releases page. My understanding is that they are, since work is done on git feature branches and then merged to the appropriate release branches. It would be good to hear from Atlassian to confirm it though

    2. Like most other software products, yes. The only exception is when they release a security patch that affects only an old version. Anyway from the user point of view you don't have to care about changes made to old versions, they are only security ones. And regarding upgrades, you can always upgrade skip minor-versions so the upgrade rule is: upgrade to latest major version. 3.latest > 4.latest > 5.latest > 6.latest.

  4. Is the technical announcements blog/rss deprecated now? Nothing since 6.2.7 release and 5.0 EOL announcements.


    If it is deprecated what is the replacement I need to add to my rss reader?