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Page: Browse Space Parent Page Page: JIRA Features and Best Practices Page: JIRA missing class exception org.apache.jsp.secure.views.browser.contentonly_jsp Page: How to set "Name" and "Email" as required fields in the Issue Collector Page: JIRA Server could not be contacted Error when Editing or Creating Issue Page: Release Notes page is Blank in Project Summary Page: Inline editing disabled randomly Page: Changes in JIRA not Visible Until Manual Refresh in Browser Page: Assignee field of imported issues are set to unassigned after running project import Page: Manage Watchers Failing Page: Could not retrieve users for UserCF error in logfile Page: Viewing Project Summary Versions result in Exception Page: Help tips are not working when user is not authenticated: "NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized - /rest/helptips/1.0/tips" Page: The Scheduler plugin update not working Page: NullPointerException Error Thrown While Trying to Create Sub-Task Page: Auto Watch is disabled automatically Page: Retrieve last login dates for users from the database Page: 500 Internal Server Error due to ParseException es-419 is not a valid language tag Page: Attaching screenshot throws Exception Page: SpringSource is not supported for running JIRA Page: Incorrect links on JIRA mail messages when using JangoMail as relay server Page: After migrating JIRA from a server to another, can't execute the embedded JAVA command Page: Frozen Menu in Rapid Board Page: JQL WAS Operator Returns Error due to Value does not Exist for Field Page: JIRA Issue Activity Tab Shows Errors Page: SVN Plugin is not Compatible with JIRA 6 Page: OpenJDK Not Supported Page: JIRA Links Menu Errors due to Communication Breakdown Page: JIRA Fails due to Encountered a 403 Forbidden error loading this page Page: How to Disable Inline Editing in JIRA 6.x Page: JIRA Upgrade or Install Fails due to Could not display the GUI Error Page: JIRA Upgrade or Installation Fails due to ORA-00972 identifier is too long Error Page: JIRA Will not Start Due to The BASEDIR environment variable is not defined error Page: Exception During Upgrade to JIRA 6.x Fails due to NullPointerException Page: User does not exist error when trying to use, edit or delete an user Page: Groups and Users maintained in Microsoft Windows Active Directory does not properly being added to JIRA Page: Unable to authenticate against Microsoft Exchange IMAP server after upgrade JIRA Page: Crucible reviews gets created in the wrong project inside JIRA Page: JIRA is Displaying Various Exceptions with the ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation Error Page: Component Field Type not Rendered Properly In IE8 Page: JIRA cannot send mails: Message file too big Page: How to find all the comments related to one user in the database Page: JIRA Logs Contain the Error Could not load custom field type plugin Page: JIRA Functionality Fails due to Incompatible magic value 0 in class file Error Page: How to Determine which Projects in JIRA have Anonymous Access Enabled Page: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges when restoring XML backup Page: After a JIRA upgrade, unformatted code appears on some fields in the "Create Issue" page Page: Project Import fails due to missing projectroleid Page: JIRA upgrade fails due to BridgedDirectoryUser cannot be cast to com.atlassian.jira.user.ApplicationUser Page: Upgrade to JIRA 6.0.5 Fails Due to Error Exporting Data Prior To Upgrade Page: Synchronize users only without any groups from Active Directory into JIRA Page: Duplicate gadgets listed when adding new JIRA gadget in dashboard Page: java.sql.SQLException: pk_AO_60DB71_SPRINTMARKER_ID is not a constraint when reindexing JIRA Page: JIRA Cannot Start due to a Full Transaction Log Page: JIRA Setup Wizard Fails with Errors on Licence Key Setup Page Page: JIRA Missing Class Exception 'AllowOnlyIfTimeEntered' Page: Cannot create the Github link on JIRA 6, Error: Invalid user/team account Page: BindException: Cannot assign requested address: connect when setting Outgoing SMTP Mail Server in JIRA Page: After a JIRA upgrade, unformatted code appears in some field in the "Create Issue" page Page: Unable to obtain a connection from the underlying connection pool Page: Tomcat is reporting the scratchDir specified is unusable Page: New created issue is not showing on the issue navigator Page: "IllegalArgumentException: Passed List had more than one value." when attempting to edit an Agile Board's filter Page: Detail View in Issue Navigator in JIRA 6.x is loading non stop Page: JIRA doesn't start due to "Unable to start JIRA due to Java Error" with Lucene Page: JIRA icons are not displayed in IE Page: Cannot comment on issues due to [jira.rest.exception.ExceptionInterceptor] Returning internal server error in response due to JIRA Toolkit Plugin Page: Field 'linkedIssues' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it error. Page: [atlassian.streams.internal.LocalActivityProvider] Error building feed due to java.lang.NullPointerException Page: Not Found (404) when performing the Bulk Edit Group or editing smtp settings Page: ERROR [sal.core.lifecycle.DefaultLifecycleManager] Unable to start component: $Proxy555 caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple services with name Page: ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment JIRA.SYS_LOB0000074456C00007$$ by 1024 in tablespace JIRA Page: Upgrading to JIRA 6.1 Fails Due To Duplicate Project Keys Page: Upgrading To JIRA 6.1 Fails Due To Duplicate Issue Keys Page: Mouseover returning false when navigating to the username on Internet Explorer 10 Page: JIRA 6.0.7 out in the wild Page: Unable to Index JIRA due to The specified network name is no longer available Page: When importing from pivotal tracker Page: Error occurred while retrieving gadget spec for rest/gadgets/1.0/g/com.atlassian.jira.gadgets Page: Specific workflow transition is not working after upgrading JIRA Page: JIRA Project Disappeared and missing even the newly created project Page: Broken email notification due to corrupted work directory Page: Issue Navigator displays an error when searching for certain issues Page: JIRA Agile unavailable due to upgrade task not completing Page: Unable to update CVS repository due to cvslog.write.lock error Page: JIRA pages go hidden and unusable via Announcement Banner Page: Error "Description Time Level Exception" upon JIRA upgrade Page: Removing a JIRA instance from Google results Page: Creating Project Throws 'Error creating project, XSRF check failed' Page: Unable to add RSS Feed in Chrome Page: Unable to Bulk Edit Security Level Page: Cannot Edit User Avatar Picture and User Activity Stream is Not Working Correctly Page: Unable to Create Issue After JIRA Upgrade due to Obsolete Plugin's jar Page: Pivotal Tracker Import Results in NoClassDefFoundError Page: JIRA 6 EAR/WAR get 500 page error when trying to configure Issue Type Screen Scheme Page: JIRA Issue Key Hyperlinking is not Working Page: Unable to Scroll on iPad Page: JIRA Throws an Exception due to MySQL Error 30 Page: Unable to find the groupname of the principal error when connecting to an OpenLDAP directory Page: Email template changes in JIRA version 6.1 or newer Page: Username is Displayed in Issue View Page After Upgrade JIRA Page: Fails to Attach ZIP File using Mozilla Firefox Page: Disable Relative Dates in JIRA Page: Bugzilla import fails with "Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up" Page: JIRA has been locked with .osgi related errors Page: User Not Able To View Issues Error No Bean Is Defined Page: requires 'org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.workbench 0.0.0' but it could not be found Page: List of Group Memberships per Directory Page: Mail appears differently in Gmail to JIRA Page: Nullpointer at Issue creation Page: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Method invoked on module descriptor after it was destroyed Page: JIRA NullPointerException While Opening Existing Issue Page: No project could be found with id XXXXX Page: Clicking Search for Issue under Issues menu result in ERROR [500ErrorPage.jsp] Exception caught in 500 page For input string: "" Page: JIRA Charts are causing NoClassDefFoundError FontManager Page: The Atlassian Marketplace server is not reachable Page: JIRA Development Panel Missing When Viewing Issue Page: How-To Articles Page: JIRA Gadget edit page shows settings in another language other than the system default or user language Page: JIRA Bulk operation fails with Attachment path is not a directory message Page: Issue Collector Oops! Something went wrong Error Page: 'No Confluence page found with the given URL' when linking Confluence Page Page: Sending mail through Administration screen causes javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses Page: How to remove JIRA Announcement Banner through the database Page: JIRA indexing failed after upgrade with Reindex ALL FAILED error Page: Unable to import file attachment from CSV Page: How to Search for Highly Voted Issues in JIRA Page: JIRA does not work with Emoji / 4 byte characters Page: Error Importing CSV File - issueId should not be null Page: Cannot shutdown JIRA due to NoClassDefFoundError org.apache.lucene.index.CompoundFileWriter Page: Invalid Character Causing Activity Stream Not Rendering Properly (Invalid white space character in text to output) Page: Disable comment auto collapse in JIRA Page: No delete option on Screens Page: Cannot browse nor create Workflows due to Passed List had more than one value exception Page: How To Change JIRA Login and Logout URL Page: How to set the user JIRA runs as in Linux Page: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/security/auth/login/LoginException from Subversion plugin Page: JIRA WAR install does not start with error "Running JIRA from a packed WAR is not supported" Page: Unable to create application link in JIRA and clicking on Add Application Link button does nothing Page: Internet Explorer crashes when changing Projects in Create Issue screen Page: How To Hide the Create Issue Link from Issues Dropdown Page: Windows Error 0xc0000005 when running JIRA Page: "The JIRA server was contacted but has returned an error response" when searching for issues and using any high-byte character in any text field Page: Foreign key constraint fails on fk_ao_60db71_boardadmins_rapid_view_id referencing ao_60db71_rapidview when restoring XML backup Page: Invalid Memory Alloc Request Size Page: Troubleshooting Articles Page: JIRA Import Fails Due to Character Encoding Page: Editing Perforce job configurations in the JIRA database Page: Uploading avatar gives error '...is too big'. 'The maximum allowed upload size is...' Page: How to identify group usage in JIRA Page: How to Get JIRA License String from the Database Page: Error when removing an option from a select list custom field Page: JIRA: System Error When Project Administrator Trying to Access the Permission Page Page: Default Value For a Hidden Required Field Will Not Be Carried Over Page: JIRA Development panel displays error even though other app is of correct version Page: JIRA View Issue and comment hangs when the system plugin jira-help-tips is disabled Page: Time Tracking is shown in different language Page: JIRA Stops working after Disabling or Uninstalling JIRA Service Desk Page: ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected Page: Unable to Delete an Issue with More Than 10,000 Linked Issues Page: Unable to Left Click Download an Attachment in Chrome Browser After Upgrade Page: How to disable keyboard shortcuts in JIRA Page: Bad Unicode Character Display on JIRA Web Interface using Firefox Page: Unknown Server Error (500) when uploading JIRA attachment in Firefox Page: Assign to Current User postfunction doesn't work on the Create transition Page: JIRA's Login Stuck on Captcha Validation Page: Browsing projects throws ProjectRole can not be null error Page: Viewing a Project or an Issue throws: com.google.template.soy.tofu.SoyTofuException Page: ALM Works Structure: Clustering questions Page: Resolutions and Permissions Missing from Simple Issue Tracking or Software Development Project Page: LDAP directory fails to synchronisee with error "Too many rows found for query on ApplicationUser" Page: Security Patch out of date - JIRA Security Advisory 2014-02-26 Page: How to Automatically Update License in JIRA when License Expired Page: JIRA startup or runtime error due to ORA-00257 archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed Page: Activity Stream shows no updated issues, and logs a NoSuchElementException Page: Commit fails and quick search doesn't work with the error "Commit rejected: No project accepts this commit" Page: LDAP directory fails to synchronise with error "Error occurred while refreshing the cache for directory" Page: Modifying Text in System Dashboard's Filter Results Gadget Page: JIRA Development Panel Not Working Page: Unable to Upload User Avatar Page: JIRA WAR Fails to Start Due to Invalid or Unreadable WAR File Page: Unable to import file attachment from CSV due to JIM version below 6.1 Page: Poor performance in JIRA caused by Atlassian Developer Mode -Datlassian.dev.mode=true Page: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Request url doesn't match rpc url configured When Authenticating Confluence in JIRA Activity Stream Page: Server fails to start with exception java.net.SocketException: Permission denied Page: Too many WorkflowScheme schemes found for Project Page: Sort comments added to JIRA issue Via CSV Import Page: JDK 1.8 Not Supported in JIRA 6.2 Page: Creating new project always creates a new issue type scheme Page: JIRA throw "javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Command is not valid in this state" when connecting to MS Exchange 2010


  1. Your RSS feed is empty.

    (Also, the cool kids use Atom (for good reasons), doncha know?)

    1. Thanks Chad. I've updated the feed.

      1. I cannot see anything in any of your RSS feeds, tried both crowd and JIRA but cannot see anything. Tried in both Firefox 7.0.1 and IE 9.

  2. Hi,

    The RSS feed looks empty again... Tested in latest Firefox and Chrome for Windows.

    1. You should remove the last param from the URL, it doesn't require auth.

  3. Are Atlassian release cumulative?  For example does 6.1 contain all of the changes made in 6.0.X prior to the release of 6.1?

    1. That's a good question that could usefully be added to a top-level releases page. My understanding is that they are, since work is done on git feature branches and then merged to the appropriate release branches. It would be good to hear from Atlassian to confirm it though

    2. Like most other software products, yes. The only exception is when they release a security patch that affects only an old version. Anyway from the user point of view you don't have to care about changes made to old versions, they are only security ones. And regarding upgrades, you can always upgrade skip minor-versions so the upgrade rule is: upgrade to latest major version. 3.latest > 4.latest > 5.latest > 6.latest.