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  1. Mail Queue never flushes.  A manual flush is required.
  2. Mail queue service is configure to flush every 2 minutes, but it flushes only after very long time. e.g. every 75 minutes
    (info) If Mail queue service is configured to flush every 0 second(s) and you recently upgraded to JIRA 6.3.x, please set it to 1 minute.
  3. There are strange jumps back and forth in the system time recorded ( refer to log below)

The following appears in the atlassian-jira.log ( with mail debugging enabled ) :


  • The system time on the server where JIRA is installed is synching with an internet time server. This typically causes the system time to change regularly.
  • If JIRA is executing within a Virtual Machine using RHEL, there is a known bug in the Redhat kernel which can generate a "time jump".  Accessing the time kernel API can cause this problem.


  1. Disable time synchronization with time server.
  2. If this is occurring within RHEL, please contact RHEL support regarding bug 637069.

  3. If you're running JIRA inside a VMWare VM, please see this KB article for further information on a resolution.
(info) Please refer to JRA-25836 - Mails are not sent after upgrade from 4.4 to 4.4.1 on Redhat in a Virtual Machine Resolved for more information.

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  1. Something that fixed my issue:

    make sure Mail Queue Service is at 1min instead of 0

    An other advise I got from support was to change our java version to the oracle version and instead of the ibm one.
    This last one didn't solve my issue, but might do so for someone else. 

  2. "Disable time synchronization with time server".  You cannot be serious!

    How are we supposed to keep the time accurate on the server if we do that?