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The 'Plugins' link (Administration -> System -> Plugins) is missing after upgrading to 4.3 or later version.


The cause is a known bug that has been fixed in JIRA 5.0.5,  JRA-24218 - UPM doesn't get enabled on upgrade to 4.3 Resolved

JIRA 4.3+ bundles the Universal Plugin Manager and uses it to manage all bundled and extension plugins. Normally, we may see the above scenario when one has installed and disabled UPM Plugin in the old JIRA instance (before 4.3) and then upgraded to 4.3 or a later version.


Always back up your database before performing any modification to the database. If possible, try your modifications on a test server.

  1. Stop JIRA.
  2. Run the following SQL against the JIRA database to re-enable the plugin:

  3. Start JIRA and test to see if the UPM is accessible.

If there are any problems with the SQL update, please rollback JIRA to the backup immediately so as to avoid any possible data integrity issues.

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  1. "Reboot the JIRA instance..." Is it necessary to reboot the machine?

    Reboot is not the same as restart the service. If you mean to restart the JIRA instance, then perhaps you should say that. Reboot means machine (or VM) by every definition I've ever seen. This is not a subtle difference. 




    1. Hey Richard, I believe what we were originally trying to convey is to restart the JIRA instance rather than the server it is running on. I have updated the KB accordingly. (smile)

  2. Great! Thanks for the clarification!