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Some issues do not have any available workflow actions. The issues which are missing the available workflow actions do not have any condition. Even if they do, the condition is being met.


This error is likely to be caused by a mismatch between the workflow step and the workflow itself.


  1. If you are not a JIRA administrator or cannot run the integrity checker (see solution below), you can move the issue to another project (that has a different workflow), and then move it back to original project. The workflow actions should be available again.

  2. Clone the problematic ticket and the cloned ticket will shown the workflow actions again.

  3. Copy the current Workflow Scheme, and re-assign the copied scheme to the affected project


Run the integrity checker via Administration >> System >> Integrity Checker. Fix the error if there is any error message being thrown.

Using the Integrity Checker

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA System Administrators' global permission.
  2. Choose  > System. Select Troubleshooting and Support > Integrity Checker to open the Integrity Checker page.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut'g' + 'g' + type 'integ'

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  1. I also saw this problem when my workflow had some conditions/validators from plugins I didn't have installed in that particular instance of JIRA (in case someone else sees this problem and the integrity checker doesn't fix it, another thing to check).

  2. Another possibility: check that all custom fields in workflow screens are actually associated with the issue type(s).

  3. We have found that it is sufficient to change the issue type when doing the move. This causes the actions to reappear, and then they are retained when the issue type is restored. This less drastic workaround has the added benefit of leaving the issue key unchanged. 

  4. We had this issue and it was caused by incorrect project permissions. For unknown reasons the default permission scheme didn't allow users to resolve issues.

  5. I found that running just the Integrity Checker section Check workflow entry states worked for me

  6. The original bug for this is  JRA-4241 - Issues with no workflow actions after upgrade Resolved  which has an SQL query to find the affected issues

  7. The article is outdated. I could't find the option of integrity check. 

    1. Hi Spencer, 

      Can you confirm if you are logged in with JIRA System Administrators' global permission ?

      The integrity checker option is still available here , please follow this guide :


      Adrian Stephen