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  1. JIRA out of sync with Active Directory
  2. Recent changes to Active Directory do not appear in JIRA


Use an LDAP browser (such as Softerra's LDAP Administrator) to review the consistency of your AD controllers. If the domain controller attached to your JIRA or Crowd has a different user list than the Global Domain Controller (GDC), you are having this issue.


This issue is caused by retrieving the directory listing from a machine other than the Global Domain Controller (GDC). While the GDC is the authoritative directory, other Domain Controller's (DCs) on the network will only synchronize directories periodically. This causes the appearance of an incomplete directory in JIRA.


To work around this issue, increase the sync frequency of your Domain. This does introduce some additional network overhead.


To resolve this issue, connect your JIRA or Crowd directly to the GDC

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