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When sending a test email via an SSL connection (configured as a JNDI resource), mail won't be sent and the following error message is displayed:


The issue is caused due to the inclusion of mail.smtp.socketFactory.class property in the JNDI definition:


Remove the mail.smtp.socketFactory.class="javax.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactory" line in conf/server.xml and restart JIRA.

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  1. Is this just a Tomcat 5.5 error and JIRA 4.x is using a later Tomcat version?

    1. Tomcat 6 is bundled in JIRA 4.1 - see JRA-15708. Open up a support ticket with us if you've got specific questions about your environment and why this is or isn't happening.

  2. which version is affected ?, it is not depicted...

    similar problem exist for confluence... But it did not work in there.