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An error message indicates: "You have exceeded the number of users allowed to use JIRA under your license":


For JIRA prior 4.x, the number of users with the 'JIRA Users' global permission is in excess of the allowed users in the license count. 

For JIRA 6.x and above, the number of users with the 'JIRA Users''JIRA Administrators' or 'JIRA System Administrators' global permission is in excess of the allowed users in the license count. 


  1. If all the users with the 'JIRA Users' global permission need access to JIRA, upgrade your license though our website, or contact our sales team. Apply the new license in Updating your JIRA License Details.
  2. If you'd like to lower the number of users with JIRA access, you can disable some of the active users. Remove users from all groups with the 'JIRA Users' global permission (this is usually the jira-users group).
    1. Browse to Administration >> Global Permissions. See Managing Global Permissions.
    2. Check the groups listed in 'JIRA Users'.
    3. Browse to Administration >> Group Browser.
    4. Remove any unnecessary users from the groups with JIRA Users global permission (usually the 'jira-users' group).

      If you're using an LDAP repository, note that you can use LDAP users with internal JIRA groups. See Connecting to an Internal Directory with LDAP Authentication for this configuration.

  3. Alternatively, you can restrict the number of users pulled in from your LDAP repository. See Reduce the number of users synchronised from LDAP to JIRA.
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  1. Nothing to do with this solution. 

    We're getting next message error :

    Create Issue

    But our JIRA licecense is for 25 users and it shows 1 remaining free. 
    What it shows also is ;
      6 exceeded

    But we are unable to manage Fisheye users since it Is no longer sohwed in administation dashboard 
  2. We have also been getting the message "You will not be able to create new issues because the user limit for your JIRA instance has been exceeded, please contact your JIRA administrators." today.

    Everything was fine until we upgraded from 50 to 100 JIRA users yesterday. We assigned two more JIRA users to take us from 49 to 51. Yesterday we were able to create new issues but today we were not - we had not made any changes during that period. The User Management screens show that after removing JIRA access from 2 users we have 51 JIRA licenses left but the fault persists.