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When attempting to delete an issue, the error message "There was a system error trying to delete the issue" may appear in JIRA. Also, an error similar to the following may appear in the logs:


This occurs due to foreign key constraints in the database.


Create and configure new database for JIRA without foreign keys. Then, restore the data by importing an XML backup into the newly created database (via JIRA).

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1 Comment

  1. I think the delete operation does not do all the job, maybe (until Atlassian fix it) the database can do the job instead. Simply add the cascasde delete option like this:

    First, delete the constraint:

    alter table jiraissue drop constraint RELATEDOSWORKFLOWENTRY

    Then recreate it with the option on delete cascade:

    alter table jiraissue add constraint RELATEDOSWORKFLOWENTRY
    Foreign key
    References os_wfentry
    On delete cascade