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Do not deploy multiple Atlassian applications in a single Tomcat container

Deploying multiple Atlassian applications in a single Tomcat container is not supported. We do not test this configuration and upgrading any of the applications (even for point releases) is likely to break it. There are also a number of known issues with this configuration (see this FAQfor more information).

We also strongly recommend not deploying multiple Atlassian applications to a single Tomcat container for a number of practical reasons. Firstly, you must shut down Tomcat to upgrade any application and secondly, if one application crashes, the other applications running in that Tomcat container will be inaccessible.

Finally, we recommend not deploying any other applications to the same Tomcat container that runs JIRA, especially if these other applications have large memory requirements or require additional libraries in Tomcat's lib subdirectory.


Symptoms include:

  1. JIRA is unable to start.
  2. Confluence may be unusable. See Confluence Menus Do Not Work, or Confluence Fails to Start when Running in the Same Application Server as JIRA 4.0, 4.0.1 or Crowd 2.0.x.

The error below appears in the logs:


The problem is caused by an incompatible Felix library used by JIRA, Confluence and Crowd when they're running in the same JVM. For example:

JIRA 4.1


Confluence 3.2


Crowd 2.0.3



The workarounds below may vary across versions, and may or may not work in various combinations. See the Resolution section below for the recommended approach.

JIRA 4.1 and Crowd 2.0.3

Crowd 2.0.3 uses Felix 1.2.1 and JIRA 4.1 uses Felix 2.0.0. Assuming you are using Tomcat, to patch Crowd to use the newer customized version of Felix 2.0.0:

  1. Shutdown Tomcat
  2. Retrieve org.apache.felix.main-2.0.0-atlassian-1.jar from the JIRA 4.1 WEB-INF/lib directory.
  3. In Crowd, backup WEB-INF/lib/org.apache.felix.main-1.2.1-atlassian-7.jar, and replace it with org.apache.felix.main-2.0.0-atlassian-1.jar.
  4. Rebuild and redeploy Crowd

Restart Tomcat

Run JIRA, Confluence and Crowd as Stand-Alone deployments. This is the recommended setup. See Installing Confluence and JIRA Together.

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  1. What about Confluence 3.3 & JIRA 4.1.2?

    Do we in the future always face these problems? Can't always upgrade Confluence & JIRA the same time...


    1. Hi Michael,

      If you run JIRA and Confluence in separate Tomcat instances, you should not encounter this problem. We do not recommend, nor do we support running multiple applications in one container. Today's servers can handle running multiple Tomcat instances. We are not going to have QA test's against this configuration so we cannot guarantee that this is going to work. You may need to continue following the process as outlined above in the future.


  2. According to Tomcat 6.0 documentation Class Loader, a class loader is created for each web application that is deployed in a single Tomcat 6 instance. All unpacked classes and resources in the /WEB-INF/classes directory of each web application archive, plus classes and resources in JAR files under the /WEB-INF/lib directory of  each web application archive are made visible to itself, but to no others application. That means org.apache.felix.main-2.0.1-atlassian-3.jar is only visible to Confluence, and org.apache.felix.main-2.0.0-atlassian-1.jar is only visible to Jira. I don't understand why there's conflicts in this situation.

    1. Hello Xiaomin,

      The issue is being tracked at JRA-19894. Your comments would probably be better there, since you could interact with the developers on that issue. Please feel free to follow that bug report and comment on that issue.