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Users trying to access the dashboard will encounter a System Error page containing an exception like the following:


The most common cause of this is the use of a reverse-proxy HTTP server (often Apache or IIS) in front of the application server running JIRA. The front-end proxy is misdirecting traffic to the wrong port.


Append proxyName="mycompany.com" and proxyPort="80" to your Tomcat connector (located in conf/server.xml). For example:

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  1. The directive should supply the full IP name of your JIRA URL.


    proxyName="wiki.gutzmann.com" proxyPort="80"

    Otherwise you will see the wrong content if your company's main web page (like "www.gutzmann.com") can also reached by the domain name (like "gutzmann.com").

  2. ... and there is a typo: the trailing slash ("/) is not required.