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Page: 'Sorry, an error occurred trying to log you in - please try again' Message when Trying to Login in JIRA Page: "User already exists in directory" Error Thrown When Importing Users to Delegated Directory Page: Active Directory User Filter Does Not Search Nested Groups Page: Administrator Cannot Login After Reordering User Directories Page: A group of users are not able to login due to AUTHENTICATED_FAILED error Page: Associating users to group ends up with the error - You cannot add user xxxx to group xxxxxx. The user's directory is read only Page: Can't edit my own filters, even if I have the Edit Shared Objects permission Page: Cannot Add Users to Groups Due to a Null Group Name Page: Cannot remove user(s) from certain membership(s) Page: Cannot rename users despite upgrading to or installing JIRA 6 Page: Cannot select TimeZone - JVM returns differently formatted timezone Page: Clicking on a Project's Workflow Tab Results in Step cannot be null Page: Configuring LDAP Results in 'Unprocessed Continuation References' Page: Connection to Crowd Fails due to URI-Reference required Page: Count of active users is greater than the total number of users Page: DataAccessException on Issues with Assignees that Have Been Deleted from Crowd Page: Directory synchronization throws "Failed to map attribute <gidNumber>" Page: Directory syncronization fails due to Unbalanced parenthesis Page: Directory Sync Throws Error "Directory <2> does not exist" Page: Disabling a Directory via the JIRA database Page: Duplicate Users Shown in User Browser Page: Editing Existing JIRA Delegated Directory Throws Error 'Request processing failed; nested exception is java.lang.NullPointerException' Page: Groups and Users maintained in Microsoft Windows Active Directory does not properly being added to JIRA Page: Groups Have More than 200 Users Warning Message in Group Browser Page: How to Bulk Add more than 100 users to a Group Page: How to determine the the Embedded Crowd version used for JIRA's User Management Page: How to ensure JIRA keeps working if you change your Active Directory domain Page: How to export LDIF with Microsoft LDIFDE Page: How to remove groups from JIRA via the database Page: How to rename users in JIRA 6.0+ in internal directory with LDAP authentication Page: How to reset failed login count from JIRA application Database Page: How to restrict project access to different isolated user groups Page: Incremental synchronisation failed due to cache returned different number of guids and users Page: InvalidSearchFilterException: Empty filter when Synchronising LDAP Page: Issues associated to users deleted from LDAP or crowd can not be reassociated to a different user Page: JIRA Cannot Create Users when Crowd is Configured Page: JIRA does not reflect changes to my Active Directory Page: JIRA drops LDAP configuration - java.naming.provider.url property does not contain a URL Page: JIRA Fails to Start after LDAP Configuration Page: JIRA is Unable to Synchronise with LDAP or Crowd Page: JIRA LDAP sync fails due to Too many rows found for query on User Page: JIRA Login fails with "User exists but has no unique key mapping" Page: JIRA Requires Duplicate Logins when Selecting Items from a Gadget or the Activity Stream Due to Server Base URL Page: JIRA throws Internal Server Error when a user attempts a log in Page: JIRA throws javax.naming.PartialResultException: Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s) during log in attempt Page: JIRA Unable to Synchronize with Active Directory after upgrading to 6.4 Page: LDAP directory fails to synchronise with error "Error occurred while refreshing the cache for directory" Page: LDAP Error Code 4 Page: LDAP Error Code 17 Page: LDAP Error Code 34 Page: LDAP Error Code 50 Page: LDAP failed to connect due to Unexpected SSLSocketFactory implementation Page: LDAP Sync Fails due to Cannot Insert Duplicate Key Row Object Error Page: LDAP sync fails with Request cancelled Page: LDAP synchronization fails due to invalid search filter containing negation element (!) Page: LDAP test succeeds but User authentication fails Page: List of Group Memberships per Directory Page: Local Users Can't Log in, but LDAP Users Can after Upgrade to v4.3 Page: Login Screen is Looping Due to No Value in the JIRA Users Group Page: Membership For Group Is Not Updated After Synchronisation Page: Migration path from Crowd to Crowd Embedded during upgrade to JIRA 4.3.x Page: more than one row in the ExternalEntity table Page: No Group Combo Box Shown in 'Edit User Group' Page Due to a Null Value on the Database Page: NullPointerException when Selecting the User from the User Picker Page: NullPointerException when Trying to Access the User Browser Page: NullPointerException when user logs in to JIRA Page: Profiling upon JIRA startup is not allowing user creation Page: Remove a group that has no name Page: Search for Inactive Users Page: Skipping attribute objectGUID because its value <XXX> is not XML safe Page: Some Users Can't Log in after an Upgrade (v4.2 or earlier) Page: Synchronize users only without any groups from Active Directory into JIRA Page: Token Timed Out when Resetting Password via Email Page: Unable to browse users in JIRA Page: Unable to Create Issues from Email or View Users in 'Manage Users' Due to Users with the Same Name Page: Unable to Create or Edit Users and Groups Page: Unable to Deactivate Users using Deactivate Feature in JIRA Page: Unable to delete user due to NullPointerException Page: Unable to find the groupname of the principal error when connecting to an OpenLDAP/FedoraDS directory Page: User Directory Synchronisation Failed Due To Lexical Error Page: User does not exist error when trying to use, edit or delete an user Page: Usernames with Special or Invalid Characters Cannot be Deleted from JIRA Page: Usernames with Umlaut characters cannot log in or be deleted in JIRA Page: Users and Groups in JIRA appear out of sync with the database and are not synchronising with a remote LDAP or Active Directory Page: Users are Unable to Log In Due to 'Error looking up attributes for highestCommittedUSN' Page: Users not able to log into JIRA using LDAP Connector AD. Page: Using JIRA for user management - connected application has more users than JIRA Page: What is the Difference between Connector and Delegated LDAP User Directories?