Welcome to Jira Software! This chapter gives you a rundown of the awesome features of Jira Software, as well as how Jira Software fits in with the Jira family of applications.

What is Jira Software?

Jira Software is a powerful platform that combines issue collection and agile project management capabilities into a single application. Using Jira Software helps you plan and organize tasks, workflows, and reports for your agile team more efficiently.

What is Jira Admin?

The powerful issue collection and agile project management capabilities of Jira Software are built on top of Jira Admin. Jira Admin also contains the administrative functionalities of Jira Software. Many application settings are configured in Jira Admin, like creating and editing workflows, or configuring permissions. Whenever you are asked to perform functions like these, which require administrative access to Jira Admin, we will direct you to the Jira administration documentation to accomplish these tasks.

Using this documentation

This documentation will teach you how to set up, configure, and start using Jira Software. We've conveniently divided the documentation into chapters based on typical roles, and the tasks normally associated with those roles.

Leading an agile project

If you are a product manager, product owner, development manager, Scrum master, team lead, or if you hold any role that requires agile project management, then this chapter is for you. The topics in this chapter will help you configure your existing Jira Software instance to suit your agile development process — from starting a new project and building a backlog to releasing a version and preparing reports for your team.

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Working as a team member in an agile project

If you are a developer, designer, QA engineer, technical writer, or anyone else who would use (but wouldn't configure) Jira Software, head on to this chapter. The topics in this chapter will help you use Jira Software to manage your development work — from finding and working on your issues to creating branches for your work and collaborating with your team on issues in Jira Software.

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Administering Jira Software

For system administrators who will set up, configure, and maintain instances of Jira Software . The topics in this chapter will help you administer Jira Software for your agile team — from from configuring permissions to managing your Jira Software settings and data.

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Jira Software is a highly customizable application, so your organization's instance of Jira Software may appear different than shown here. In addition, different features and functionality are available to users depending on their permissions. In these instances, we will highlight the permissions required to complete a task.

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