Documentation for JIRA Service Desk 2.5.
Documentation for JIRA Service Desk Cloud and earlier versions of JIRA Service Desk is available too.

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Welcome to JIRA Service Desk Server! 

Put the power of JIRA Server in the hands of your service desk team. JIRA Service Desk Server combines an intuitive experience with powerful SLA management and realtime reporting, hosted in your own environment.

Intuitive, user-friendly experience: 

Filing requests is easier than ever with the intuitive and clean interface of JIRA Service Desk's Customer Portal.  Customers see exactly what they need, and nothing more, in a language that they actually understand! IT Teams get to speak in their language and customers get to speak in theirs. 

Customizable queues:

Ensure that everyone is always working on the right requests at the right time with queues powered by the amazingly flexible JIRA Query Language (JQL). Queues help your team to divide and conquer requests in real-time as they arrive. Manual triage and prioritization of your requests is a thing of the past!

Advanced Service Level Agreements: 

Behind every great service desk team, you'll find great Service Level Agreements (SLAs) helping them to deliver consistent and awesome performance.  With JIRA Service Desk, you can set up advanced SLA metrics, report on performance in real-time and drive your team forward with highly visible SLA targets.

Powered by JIRA:

Millions of developers around the world count on the power and extensibility of JIRA to help them to manage their work. Now, IT and operations teams can use that power too! Choose the JIRA platform for your service desk and get your software teams and your operations teams together and working in one system. One system to set up, one system to maintain, one system to learn.




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  1. Anonymous

    have you planned any live demo webinars in the near future?

    1. Hi there, we are working on plans for a webinar, but no set date yet. The best way to find out once we have it scheduled is to watch our blog: Thanks! Christine

  2. Hi all, thanks for sharing all your comments on the licensing structure! A PDF archive of your feedback is attached, and I've also shared this with our team. Going forward, the best way to get feedback about licensing and pricing to our team is to contact our product manager directly (; he'll be happy to chat with you about your requirements. A note from him about this topic is in the first comment on this blog.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! We really value your feedback and always appreciate hearing from you!

    Cheers, Christine

    Licensing comments archive.pdf

  3. Anonymous

    I like the functionality for the tracking of issues and user/customer ability to login and track progress in JIRA. However I'm struggling a bit with how really have full client relations management and are there any good suggestions for links to salesforce. It seems there are two main approaches; either do the help desk client facing in Salesforce and then link the issues/cases to JIRA for issues tracking and connection to development or use JIRA for the help desk on and just use salesforce for the CRM aspects.

    In addition to manage the issues I'd like to be able to relate these to the overall business and  be able to do reporting on issues from certain types of clients, in different market segments and regions. Also be able to report on the number of clients that renew maintenance subscriptions related to the length of times it takes to solve issues, and report on the number of issues per certain market segment or client type. This type of reporting needs tight integration between salesforce and JIRA and I'm interested to know if anyones done this or got any advice on the best approach.


    1. I would probably suggest to do that in business intelligence tool outside both of these because it would quite difficult to integrate two big solutions like this. Not impossible, bet just quite expensive. So If it's only about reporting then I would suggest eazybi as the perfect business intelligence tool as they have very nice plugin for JIRA and as far as I know they allow to add any other data sources.

    2. Hi there,

      With regards to integrating with CRMs - what features would you be looking for in particular? We've heard customers wishing to see their end customer information (from the CRM) visible in JIRA Service Desk when looking at a request, and vice versa, being able to see the requests for a customer when viewing in the CRM. What other use cases do you have?

      As for reporting - Elvis does provide a good option here to look at pulling data externally from both your CRM and Service Desk.

      Also, may I suggest that you direct future questions like these to our "Questions" system - which will likely gather more responses from the community as well:



  4. Anonymous


    Could I modify the workflow of JIRA Service Desk?



    1. Hi Fidel,

      You absolutely can modify the workflow a JIRA Service Desk project uses. A JIRA Service Desk project is simply a special type of JIRA project, so you can change the workflow for it just as you would with a normal JIRA project. There is some more information about this here.

      Cheers, Christine

  5. Hi, I'm curious about the "IT Service Desk Workflow (ITIL) plugin - I see in Marketplace it is unsupported.  I was wondering if you have plans to integrate it into the JIRA Service Desk plugin?  I manage our Atlassian tools and my IT department is looking at going to a new ticketing system (moving off of Remedy) and since we are using JIRA for other departments (SW Development and Engineering) I am recommending they consider JIRA.  They have a requirement for it to support ITIL models which I'm not very familiar with. 

    Thanks, Robin

    1. Hey Robin Kargoll, the IT Service Desk Workflow (ITIL) plugin provides an out of the box workflow you can use to manage tickets on your service desk. It provides a few more statuses like "Blocked", "Scheduled" and "Pending External". It is marked as "Unsupported" as we currently do not have plans to update the plugin.

      However, we do have plans to incorporate an ITIL-aligned workflow so you can get started out of the box with JIRA Service Desk in the future, but in the interim you can still import the ITIL workflow plugin from the marketplace or edit the JIRA Service Desk workflow to capture the ITIL concepts your IT department is looking for using the JIRA Workflow Designer (see Configuring Workflow).

      For example, you can:

      • Define issues types for Incidents, Problems, Service Requests and Change Requests (see What is an Issue#IssueType)
      • Link multiple Incidents to an underlying Problem (see Linking Issues)
      • Create an approval workflow for Change Requests (see Using JIRA for Change Management)
      • Create a service catalog for your users so that they can create and track their own requests online (see Customer Portal)
      • Define IT business rules and reports for response and resolution times based on priorities (see SLAs)
  6. It would be useful to have the place to file issues listed in the Marketplace listing for SD:

    1. Good catch, Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]. I was under the impression we already had that link, but it turns out I was wrong.

      I've added it in now.


      1. Thanks, I wasn't sure if all feedback was supposed to go to Atlassian Support