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This documentation relates to SharePoint Connector 1.9
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As a public-facing web application, application-level security of the Confluence SharePoint Connector is important. This document answers a number of questions that commonly arise when customers ask us about the security of our product.

This document is for system administrators looking to evaluate the security of the Confluence SharePoint Connector. This section only addresses overall application security. It does not address any internal security models (such as user/group management and content permissions).

On this page:

Finding and Reporting a Security Vulnerability

Atlassian's approach to releasing patches is detailed in How to Report a Security Issue.

Publication of Confluence SharePoint Connector Security Advisories

Atlassian's approach to publishing security advisories is detailed in Security Advisory Publishing Policy.

Severity Levels

Atlassian's scale for measuring security issues is detailed in Severity Levels for Security Issues.

Our Patch Policy

Atlassian's approach to releasing patches is detailed in our Security Patch Policy.

Published Security Advisories

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