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Team Calendars offers great tools for planning and managing your events, whether they're travel, conferences, birthdays, or JIRA issues and sprints. Follow the installation instructions below to start organising with Team Calendars.

If you're currently using the old Confluence Calendar Plugin, follow the migration process before you install Team Calendars.

Install Team Calendars

Get your license

Visit, generate a license key for Team Calendars and save it. 
Next, install the plugin and insert your license.

Install the Team Calendars plugin

  1. In Confluence, go to Confluence Admin > Find New Add-ons
    The in-product Atlassian Marketplace view appears
  2. Search the Marketplace for Team Calendars
  3. Choose Buy Now to download and install the Team Calendars add-on for Confluence
  4. Once Team Calendars is installed, follow the prompts to get a license if you don't have one, or choose 
    Unable to render {include} The included page could not be found.
     and choose Team Calendars to open the license entry dialog.
    If you're renewing your license, choose Renew.
  5. Paste your license key into the field provided and click Update.

This step is optional and only required if you want to use JIRA integration with Team Calendars.

To enable a JIRA connection in Team Calendars, you must carry out the following steps.

In Confluence, click Browse > Confluence Admin > Application Links.

The Application Links dialog appears. Here, create an Application Link to your JIRA instance by clicking Add Application Link. Full instructions for this process are here:
Configuring Authentication for an Application Link.

Now, you must install or upgrade and enable the Team Calendars JIRA Integration Plugin on your JIRA instance to enable JIRA to send information to the calendar. The Team Calendars JIRA integration plugin is installed in JIRA 4.3.0+, but you will need to update it via the Universal Plugin Manager or download the latest version from the Atlassian Marketplace. See the Universal Plugin Manager documentation for details on how to do this.

Once this is complete, you should be able to add JIRA events in Team Calendars and see the projects you are expecting to see in the drop-down menu. If that works, you can go ahead and start Team Calendars Quick Tour.

Migrate from the old Confluence Calendar plugin

If you have the old Calendar Plugin installed on your Confluence instance, you'll need to go through the following process to migrate to Team Calendars.

  1. Back up your Confluence instance
  2. Choose Download to export data from each calendar using the old Confluence  Calendar Plugin to back it up


    You'll have a .ics file for each calendar after you complete this step.

    To help you identify all the places where Calendars exist in your system, you can run this SQL:

  3. To Remove the old Confluence Calendar Plugin, choose Browse > Confluence Admin > Manage Add-ons and enter 'Calendar' in the Filter Visible Plugins field
  4. Expand the 'Calendar' add-on entry and choose Uninstall to remove it from Confluence
    Note: Any existing pages set up to use the old calendar plugin will no longer work, as the Team Calendars plugin replaces it and has a different syntax
  5. Follow the steps at the beginning of this page to install and activate Team Calendars
  6. To re-import your old calendar data from your backed-up .ics files:
    1. From your dashboard, choose Calendars
    2. Choose Add Calendar at the top-right of the page, then choose Import Calendar
  7. Choose the .ics file that you saved when backing up your old calendars.
    Repeat this step to add each calendar back into Confluence. 

Your old Calendar data will now display in the Confluence Calendars page.

Update your license key

When you renew your Team Calendars license you'll be provided a new license key.  You'll need to manually apply this key in Confluence. 

To view your license key, or apply a new licence key:

  1. Choose 
    Unable to render {include} The included page could not be found.
  2. Locate the Team Calendars add-on and expand to see more details
  3. Choose the Edit (pencil) icon beside your license key
  4. Paste in your new license key and choose Update



  1. Confluence's "New Calendar" marketing video looks promising. 

    But, isn't the attendant "migration procedure" rather naive?   I mean, most heavy hitter installs of wiki use tens of dozens of calendars if not more. And manually identifying each calendar page, exporting each calendar as ics, and reimporting with new syntax is just daunting to say the least.

    Could this be factored into Confluence's upgrade filter as one of the upgrade steps?

    Separately... can the old and new Calendar plugins coexist?  (It appears not).  That could alleviate having to manually migrate a crap ton of calendars in one go...

    1. Amit,
      Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I agree our migration process isn't the best. I'm sorry about this. This really is a tough call we made. Estimates to implement a migration from the old plugin were ridiculously high. At the same time we have a lot of customers that wanted this plugin a long time ago!

      To make the migration process a bit easier I have some suggestions:

      1. Easily identify uses where the old calendar macro is being used with this plugin:
      2. Or maybe we can get you some SQL queries where you can easily run it against your database to get all the calendar usage. Let me check up on this.

      Separately... can the old and new Calendar plugins coexist? (It appears not). That could alleviate having to manually migrate a crap ton of calendars in one go...

      They old plugin can be installed, however the macro has to be disabled. The reason being is that the new calendar plugin uses a "Calendar" macro as well and you will have a conflict. Leaving the old plugin installed but disabling the plugin will mean your data is still in the database.

      1. Anonymous


        1. A slight variation, readable report with names:

          1. To get the above query to work for me (Confluence 4, MySQL) I had to capitalize the CONTENT and SPACES tables and remove ' ' from the end of one of the lines:

            Select CONTENT.SPACEID
            , SPACES.spacekey
            , SPACES.spacename
            and SPACES.spaceid=CONTENT.spaceid
            AND BODY like '%{calendar%'
            order by CONTENT.LASTMODDATE desc

      2. Hi,


        We want to install team calendars (got the license and al) and even mentally prepared to do the migration (tongue)

        We have about 11 different pages with the old calendar on, and on each calendar page, we have on average 8 calendars.
        So, I can download the 88 ICS files, but when I enable the team calendar plugin, I can only create a calendar from
        my own user menu, while  these 88 calendars  have been created by multiple people.


        How should we deal with this.  Can I create these 88 calendars in my user account, what is the impact for the other 
        users ?




        1. I have the same problem with multiple calendars created by several users. I'm also curious what is the best way to migrate data over and import into the new calendar. Also, do I have to be the user to download their ics files for import into the new calendar?

          1. Sorry about that, John, but yes. You have to download the ICS files and import them again. The SQL query above should help you to identify:

            1. Where calendars are in your wiki
            2. If the calendar is being used
              That way you only need to migrate the ones that your internal customers are using.
  2. Are events within Team Calendars searchable?  

    Either with some in-calendar search feature or (better still) from the main Confluence search box (as also from various search thingamajjigs like pagetreesearch and the like)?

    1. They are not but here's a link to the feature request TEAMCAL-168

  3. Thanks Sherif.

    We have our JIRA and Confluence hosted on Atlassian (Jira Studio). Currently we have license for 500 users. We plan to get Team calendar plugin for confluence now.

    Can we go with Download option or only On demand option is available for us.

    1. Do I have to migrate from JIRA Studio to Atlassian OnDemand if I want to use Team calendar

  4. Atlassian have fallen well below expectations here. What's wrong with this upgrade procedure, as documented above?

    # All users download the .ics files for all calendars they may be using - 243 calendars in use
    # They need to do this on the weekend of the upgrade to ensure no events are lost
    # If they were away, tough luck, you cannot do if after the upgrade because the two plugins are incompatible

    So, I hear you saying that doing a proper automated upgrade is too much work. But surely you can mitigate this better than providing a sql query? For instance a trivial plugin that extracts all legacy calendar data to ics files.

    I'd get fired if I employed the procedure above, so I wrote something to extract all the calendars to ics files. I will make these available after the upgrade. It's no solution to this problem but if you're familiar with webdriver it might be a headstart:

    cheers, jamie

    1. We went through the same pain.  The export of the ICS files was the simplest problem,
      The biggest problem is to explain the users what they can expect and asking them to create/import their own calendar.

      The reaction was something like '... and we are paying for this <censured> plugin ...
      In the end, instead of having them do it, we did it for them (using the SU plugin to switch accounts) - 88 times (in our case) 





    2. Anonymous

      Jamie - I'm not familiar with webdriver.  Is that necessary to make the script work?  I'm attempting to use the Groovy script, but it's not working for me.  Do you have directions for a Groovy newbie on how to use it?


      1. Yes, webdriver is used for driving a browser like Chrome in order to download all the calendars. This is just a partial solution to the problem, they still need to be uploaded manually.

        1. Thanks - fyi, I did get this script to work with the following changes:

          -Changed regex expression to:  "\\('([^']*?)'\\).viewCalendar\\('(.*?)'\\)\"[^>]*>(.*?)<"


                WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();

             before the driver.get

          -Added a driver.quit() at the end to close the browser.

          For newbies, don't forget to import the selenium libraries.

  5. Something's not working for me.  I have a valid license, and I'd like to enter it, but there is no where that I can find to enter it.  I go to "Configure" for the plugin, and see a link that says "License Configuration", but it just takes me back to the "Manage Plugins" page.  Done this in both Chrome and Firefox, no luck.

    This is for the most recent version of Confluence.


    1. Heya Adam,

      Can you please create a support request at  so we can look into this for you?

    2. Anonymous

      same behaviour here in my Installation - also I cant' create new JIRA Calendars - the spinning icon is shown shortly, then i have no option to select an Jira-Project or any other option to access an Jira-Filter

  6. Anonymous

    I tried to to install team calendar a got an error message.

    "An unexpected error occured.Plesase refer to the logs for more information"

    How can i fix it and debug it.


    1. Hi Anonymous, 

      You can take a look at the atlassian-confluence.log located in your home directory and look for errors relating to Team Calendar or the UPM, this will give you a good indicator. If you're still having problems, please make a support request at

  7. Where the hell could I find the "Download" link?

      1. I meant the link to the ics file.

        1. It's in the screenshot in this page:

          If you can't see that "Download link after clicking on a calendar, you may want to raise a support case. Not sure why that wouldn't be the case. 

  8. Anonymous

    I'm unable to see how to import an exported ics file? (exported from 3.5)

    1. Anonymous

      Found it - it is an option on the Add Calendar Dialog:

      Add Calendar > Add New > Import Calendar


  9. For migration, I ended up writing some iMacros scripts to automate the download of all the ics files and uploading them back to the relevant page as attachments. I then replaced the \{calendar\} macro with a temporary user macro describing how people could restore their calendars. Painful, but in the end, it didn't result in too much work for our end users. Just a ton of work for me. I could share the code if anyone is interested.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Shawn,

      Yes , I would be interested (smile)

    2. Shawn,

      I would be interested in seeing this if you still have it.

  10. Despite the lack of a decent migration path from the old calendar plugin to team calendars we eventually ended up purchasing our license.  (tongue)  what were you thinking, Atlassian....?

    Anyway, I improved the SQL query above, which can be rather slow for a large install.  Instead of scanning every page in Confluence looking for a calendar macro, you scan the OS_PROPERTYENTRY table and look for the saved calendar data. I also wrote a script to export the data to ical format (see below)

    Since the old calendar plugin never cleaned up data, there are lots of calendars in the table which were never used, either the page was deleted or the macro removed from the page.  You drop those linked to deleted pages or where the body of the page doesn't contain a macro.  Since you're only scanning rows in the content table if they have had a calendar, it's much faster.

    This gives you a report with all the XML data used by the old calendar plugin. 

    I've written a perl script which connects to a database, extracts this data, parses the XML and saves all the calendars to disk as separate ical files.  These ical files can be imported directly into Team Calendars.  We were nice to some of our core users & did the import for them, but for most of them, we made the files available with a point by point instructions how to setup the calendars themselves. It has the added bonus that we have an archive of all the calendar data should we ever need to go back to it,

    if you're interested, the perl script is available here:

    1. This is awesome, Matt. Thanks a LOT for sharing!

      I'm sorry about the pain to do this - really. I think I've written this response in much more detail in Answers, but we did look at migrating the old Calendar plugin but it was a mess. Multiple months of work with no guarantee of decent data integrity. The old calendar plugin was someones little personal project, not supported, and I guess no one imagined it becoming so important to users! Lesson learnt.

  11. Anonymous

    When i try to import an ics file, it says "The uploaded data does not seem to be iCal content". I am sure that my ics file has calendar events. Why do i get this error?

  12. Anonymous


    Using the SQL query I'm able to get the list of calendar. But I could not see the option to export ? I could not figure out the options given in step 2. Please advice

  13. Anonymous


    Timezone Moscow/Europe is +4, not +3



    • Team Calendars Plugin is not working with an evaluation license.Before moving in live environment we want to check the usage of this plugin.
    • Is this plugin "Calendar Plugin VendorAtlassian Software Systems Pty Ltd" and Team Calendar Plugin are one and the same?

    Can any one help in this regard



    1. Vijay, you should raise a support ticket at so our support team can help you troubleshoot. 

      No the Calendar plugin and Team Calendars are different plugins. The Calendar plugin is no longer maintained and is not supported. It is an old opensource plugin that was someones small 20% project. Team Calendars is the plugin that is maintained and supported.

      1. Sherif,

        Calendar Plugin VendorAtlassian Software Systems Pty Ltd 

        Team Claendar Plugin VendorAtlassian Pty Ltd

        This both organizations are not same.This i'm asking because you said calendar plugin is someones small 20% project.


  14. This page still references JIra Calendar Types in the section on linking to JIRA; there are no calendar types anymore, only event types (smile).

    1. Thanks for reporting, Louise. Updated the page.

  15. Hi Sherif,

    It is help ful to identify the list of calendars added in confluence using the query given.Is there any way to get the list of events added in each of the calendar.I think in we didn't added any event in most of the calendars.I feel simply export and import of calendar is not needed in case no event is added.

    Can you please tell how to know the list of events added.Please revert back soon.


    Thanks in advance,

    Vijay Krishna.B


  16. is there a particular SQL query for getting a list of Team Calendars?

  17. We would like to evaluate Team Calendars for our new Confluence 5.6.3 installation. Our JIRA instance will be upgraded in the near future but we want to install Team Calendars and use them with our new Confluence instance without any JIRA integration at this point. Is the install as simple as: Download the Plugin, Install the Plugin with our existing license key, start using the Team Calendar within Confluence... What additional steps are required? Is there any additional configuration required in Confluence?

    1. Hi Leroy,

      All you need to do is (in Confluence) choose the cog icon > Add-ons > Find new add-ons, and you can search for and download Team Calendars. Set up the free trial and that's it.

      Check out the Team Calendars Quick Tour to get some introductory tips if you like.

      1. Thanks Giles. So when the free trial period is over and we want to purchase the Add-on, how is that piece handled? Do we get a different license key for the Team Calendar piece?

        1. Hi Leroy,

          Yep, there'll be a separate licence for Team Calendars.

  18. Aee there any tools we can use to migrate our calendar details from SharePoint into the Team Calendar?

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Not sure if you can get an ics file from SharePoint but, if you can, you can import an ics file in Team Calendars (Add Calendar > Import Calendar).

      1. Thanks! Is the ics file the only method then?

        1. It's the only way to 'import' a calendar; you can subscribe to a web calendar using its URL, but I don't imagine that's an option here.

  19. Hi,

    We bought the Team Calendar add-on and now we want to export the content of specific calendars to CSV, Excel or other M$ product.. Any pointers/mysql-queries i can run to achive this? Feels a bit backwards that the old free add-on seems to have an export function while the replacement that costs money does not.. Am i missing something?

  20. Forget my last question, noticed you had to add the calenders before you could export them. Mea culpa (smile)