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Outlook Support

You can subscribe to Team Calendars from Microsoft Outlook. This has been tested and works on the following versions:

  • Outlook 2010

If you have this working in other versions of Outlook, feel free to comment on this page.

Subscribing to a Team Calendar from Microsoft Outlook has the following limitations:

  • Subscriptions are read-only (you cannot modify events form Outlook)
  • You cannot subscribe to JIRA Calendar types from Outlook

How to subscribe to a Team Calendar from Microsoft Outlook

To subscribe to a Team Calendar from Outlook:

  1. In Team Calendars, select "Subscribe" from the calendar you wish to subscribe to:
  2. Copy the calendar address
  3. In Outlook, select "Open Calendar" > "From Internet":
  4. Paste the calendar address
  5. Depending on what your authentication setup is in Confluence, you may be prompted to enter your Confluence username and password


  1. Is there any intent to get this working with Google Calendar?

    1. There sure is, Michael! We've discussed it a lot internally, but I noticed no one has raised a feature request for it yet. I've gone ahead and raised one for you: TEAMCAL-314. You might want to watch/comment or vote on that issue.

  2. Anonymous

    I think this product must have caldav protocol and also must read-write integrate with outlook 2010. Any plans for that?

    1. We are tracking that feature request here: TEAMCAL-113

      1. What is strange to me, after moving TEAMCAL to the Rank has been significant changed from

        6 to 136064 oO

        TEAMCAL-113 - CalDAV support Open


        P.S: should have to read the Atlassian Status as of September 7, 2012: No CalDAV support in the near future ;(

  3. Anonymous

    Trying to get this working for Outlook 2007.  Found some helpful instructions here for Internet Calendars ( but get the following error message in Outlook:


    Microsoft Office Outlook
    Cannot verify or add the Internet Calendar in Outlook. Verify the link is a valid calendar link:


    Any chances for support of Outlook 2007?

  4. Anonymous

    Any chance to get this working for evolution?

    Exporting and importing to an internal calendar works, but I want it to sync.

    Evolution has two options: caldav://   and webcal://   

    If I try to connect, nothing happens, and my computer keeps a background connection open to confluence with about 200 kB/s  no idea what it does.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there a way to do this for Outlook for Mac 2011? I do not see the "From Internet" option when I go to open a calendar.

    1. Anonymous

      I can't find the "subscribe from internet"-option either. But:

      The option is avaliable via Outlook Web Acces (if you're an exchange-user). After login, go to calendar, then "share", then "add calender". (For me, it did not work and I'm still 'ivnestigating' the problem)

      1. Anonymous

        You can subscribe to the calendar in OWA and it will then sync to Outlook 2011. However, it seems that OWA only imports the .ics as a one-time sync. I am troubleshooting getting it to automatically update.

  6. Anonymous

    How quickly will microsoft outlook update events in the calendar? 



  7. When I import .ics url into Outlook or Google calendar it maps Summary field from Confluence calendar entry to Description field in the Outlook. At the same time it is using the attendee name as a Summary - in other words duplicates it from the Attendee field.

    Is there way to customize the mapping for ICS file or would this be considered a bug in the mapping?

  8. Anonymous

    It is not compatible with  Outlook for Mac 2011 ,  I am not see the "From Internet" option .

    Will it be added in any future release ?

  9. Anonymous

    Did anybody try this in Thunderbird Lightning?

  10. How frequently does the calendar in Outlook get updated with new or changed events in the Team Calendar?


  11. We evaluate to purchase the team calendar plugin, but there is one requirement we aks for:

    our users don't want to subscribe the whole calendar, but only one single event.

    Do you mean that this is possible to resolve in the next future?

    See also

  12. Anonymous

    Not working with MS Outlook 2013

    1. Anonymous

      I can subscribe to Team Calendar with Outlook 2013 using these instructions Subscribing to and from Team Calendars However, only Events show up, not JIRA Issue Dates. 

  13. Subscription works in Office 2013 as well.  Wish you can edit the calendar and copy appointments/events from Outlook to the shared calendar - but otherwise it works fine so far.

  14. Anonymous

    On a Mac, all I had to do was choose 'Export to iCalendar', and then choose 'Outlook' in the ensuing prompt box.

  15. Anonymous

    I noticed that when I subscribe to an all day event, it shows up as busy on my outlook all day.  I would prefer that there be some setting in confluence to say if you choose all day, you can choose visibility to be 1) Don't show as busy 2) Show tentative or 3) Show busy.

    Is there way I can request this as an enhancement?  We might want to log things for all day for things that are just due that day - but it doesn't mean we're working and busy all day for that item.

  16. Anonymous

    Btw, I'm the Mac user and this works for Outlook 2011 if you use the 'Export to iCal' option but choose Outlook 2011.

    1. Anonymous

      I have not worked how to do the Mac OutLook 2011 work-around to subscribe to the Confluence Calendar? Are you going to the Word File menu and selecting Export?

  17. Hey guys,

    I can´t subscribe the confluence team calendar with the windows 8 calendar (desktop or phone). Can anyone put lights in this issue? New feature for future release?

  18. Anonymous

    Using Outlook 2010, I try this and it says I cannot create a local PST file. I am assuming that's a local administration option set by the admins here. 

    Is there any way around this error in attaching a Confluence calendar? 

  19. Anonymous

    I'd like to ask if there is a way to have a Group Calendar in Outlook 2103 as a subscription in a Confluence Team Calendar. So far I have not found any option in Confluence to subscribe to an Outlook 2013 Group Calendar.

    Also, is it possible to send email invites to team members for events in a Confluence Team Calendar? If not, is this on the feature list for development?



  20. Anonymous

    HI there,

    I have followed the above steps to integrate my Outlook 2010 calendar to confluence calendar. But in outlook it is showing all the events from confluence calendar. I would like to see my outlook calendar events to confluence calendar. Does anyone know how can I achieve this?


    1. I am having the same issue

  21. Works fine for Outlook 2013

    1. Anonymous

      I can also subscribe to Team Calendar with Outlook 2013 using these instructions Subscribing to and from Team Calendars However, only Events show up, not JIRA Issue Dates. Any insights on why that would be?

      1. Subscribing to JIRA events from email clients is currently not available, we have a open feature request for that:  TEAMCAL-543 - Support subscription to jira Calendars Open

  22. We would use Team Calendars more intensively if the JIRA calendars were CALDAV based and allowed for subscriptions. Would really be the icing on the cake!

  23. What about integration from Outlook to Confluence? For example, team availability - just show if a person is busy, out of office, tentative or free. Would be nice not to have to double-enter this information.

  24. This also works in Outlook 2007.  See the section "Add an Internet Calendar Subscription to Outlook" at the end of Microsoft's instructions.

    In order to work with Outlook 2007, the URL from Confluence's subscribe command has to be modified.  Change the "http" part of the URL to "webcal".  

  25. Anonymous

    from the comments above - does not look like there is a way to integrate from Outlook to Confluence... Is there a definitive answer from Atlassian?

  26. Anonymous

    For Mac users to add the calendar you must go the web interface and right click on Other Calendars to get the option to add the calendar.

  27. Anonymous


    I've gotten the Team Calendar to display in Outlook, but it is not being updated with new events.  Is there somthing special that needs to be done to get all new updates to the Team calendar synced to Outlook.

  28. Integrated TeamCalender with newest version in Outlook too, but only possible for generic events. adding a new calendar with JIRA issue dates does not show "subscribe" link at all. 

    1. I'm having the same problem. I really need to be able subscribe to calendars with JIRA issues mapped on them. Execs are going to WANT this.

    2. We are tracking this feature request here:  TEAMCAL-543 - Support subscription to jira Calendars Open

      1. Sherif, just to be clear... my use case is a Team Cal in Confluence linked to JIRA via JQL using Start and End dates. Is that what this issue intends to resolve?

        1. Yep, so that issue is so that:

          • A user can go to a calendar with JIRA events
          • Select "subscribe" and subscribe to it from their calendar client (e.g. Outlook)
          • They can see the JIRA events (Issues, versions) in from Outlook

          Unfortunately this is not going to be an easy issue to resolve as it runs into all sorts of complexity with authentication and permission checking. Something we'd love to do but isn't yet on the roadmap. 


            1. What version are you running? We fixed a similar big in 3.2.1, but we fixed the bug..

              Turns out we still have a related one. I raised an issue for you:  TEAMCAL-1854 - Events that span beyond the timeline view bounce when you horizontally scroll Open .

              1. We're running I'd also like to note, the events are extremely long in duration. The reason for this is they're long-term projects with extended timelines.

          1. Anonymous

            Any update on this?  Seems like a major feature that's absent... project deadlines run through JIRA for technical teams need to be able to be integrated with other calendars.  What could be higher on the roadmap than having this available??

      2. Anonymous

        I can subscribe to Team Calendar with Outlook 2013  but no JIRA Issue Dates as others have commented.   This is a drop-dead issue for us to use Team Calendar in our enterprise.

  29. Anonymous

    I wasn't able to add the calendar to Outlook (Mac Version 11), but was able to add to OWA and it synced to Outlook straight away. Same for the rest of the team, who didn't have the options on Windows. It doesn't seem to sync seamlessly, though – how long is the lag-time for syncing between Confluence and Outlook?