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Align people, projects, and events

Confluence Team Calendars is a calendar add-on for Confluence, which allows you to manage team leave, rosters, birthdays, campaign launches, and any other event you can think of, right in ConfluenceEmbed your calendars on any Confluence page, share them with others, and subscribe to them in your favourite calendar app.

Team Calendars also makes your Confluence and JIRA integration more powerful by allowing you to manage JIRA releases (versions) and Issue due dates, and visualise JIRA agile sprints, right in Confluence.

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  1. I would like to change/add different types of events, for example PTO, Training.  Do I have that option in the calendar to do that?

    1. We are tracking that feature request here:  TEAMCAL-1643 - Ability to add your own types of events to a calendar Resolved

  2. Hi, one of my users asked the questions whether it's possible to show the content of the calendar of a complete year. As fare as i see, the greatest time period possible is via timeline with about 3.5 month. I did not find anything else in the documentation. Is there anything?

    Thanks rgds



      1. Jan

        I would be happy to have that option, too !

        1. Hi Jan,

          If you haven't done so already, you can click the link below and vote for this issue to show your support.

          TEAMCAL-429 - Year View Open

  3. Is it possible to link a calendar event to a page?

    1. You sure can, when creating an event there a field that lets you link to any page or URL.

  4. Hello,   Is there a macro for dumping a "list" of events for a particular timeframe?   For instance, we use Confluence to create reports and i might have a report section with "Upcoming Events" and i just want a bullit list of  event 1, event 2...   I want the date, event type and summary field. 




  5. For a JIRA Issue Dates event type, we're looking for the ability to add the Issue Component either to the displayed issue name, or in the meta data when the Issue is clicked in Team Calendars. Is this possible?




  6. Hi,

     I am evaluating Confluence and (of corse) Team Calendars. They are good products but I have some business specific needs to be implemented.

    Questions are: Is there a way to enhance Team Calendars (with another plugin for example)? Are sources shiped with the licence?




  7. Hi Steven,

    The two questions you raise are actually open feature requests we have.

    For the plugin, we have a feature request to create an API to create, edit and remove events  TEAMCAL-269 - Provide API to create, edit and remove events from a calendar Open .

    And for the source code there's this  TEAMCAL-506 - Team Calendars source code not available on for licensed users Resolved .

    You can watch both to stay updated, and vote for them if you wish.

    1. Ooops! Thanks for the links!



  8. How do I display the user's my calendar In confluence on a normal page in the same fashion that its displayed on the default confluence home page?

    1. Hi David,

      If you've taken a look at Embed Calendars on Confluence Pages, and still can't find what you're looking for, can you let me know some specifics about how you'd like to display the calendars?

  9. Each user can select all the calendars they want to follow in my calendar. I want to be able to show the events that a user has in their my calendar, so this would be dynamic based on the user that is logged in.

    The default dashboard my calendar section shows below:

    Upcoming Events                          (Icon link) My Calendar

    List of user's My Calendar events.



  10. Is it possible to change the default icons or color scheme of the calendars? Thanks!

    1. Hi B.A.,

      You can change the colour of any event type in Team Calendars; just hover your mouse over the event type, click the drop-down menu (3 dots), then select the colour. Colours are set at the user level, so changing your colours won't affect how others see event type colours.

      You can only choose the icons for Custom Event Types, which are the ones you create yourself. If you want, you can create all new event types and hide the default ones by going to the calendar's drop-down menu and choosing EditEvent Types, then click the minus symbol to the right of the event type.

      1. Giles, 
        Thank you so much for the prompt response!  I wasn't clear with my question. Is it possible to add new icons into the system besides the pre-existing choices, or edit  the color palette to choose colors that are not already in the system by default.

        I'm guessing this isn't possible, but I wanted to ask.

        1. No problem B.A.,

          Unfortunately no, there's no way to add icons or colours that aren't built-in. There's a larger range of icons now that we have custom events, but still no make/upload your own.

          There is an open feature request that you can watch though.

          TEAMCAL-2575 - Allow User to Upload Their Own Custom Icons Open

  11. Hope this is the correct place to post this - What is the refresh rate or interval for synchronizing the Team Calendar with Outlook?

    1. Hi Bruce,

      If you're subscribing to Team Calendars from Outlook, you should be able to set the refresh interval in Outlook.

  12. Is it possible to make select calendars automatically added (and unremovable) for all users?

    1. Hi Caitlin,

      It's not possible at the moment, but we do have an open feature request you can watch to see if this functionality is added at any point.

      TEAMCAL-124 - Ability to force subscribe users to calendars Open

  13. You can reference a page from an event, but can you reference an event from a page?

    For a particular project I have key dates and would like the dates to link to an actual team calendar event.


    1. Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately no, but it sounds like a good idea. Feel free to make a suggestion so we can gauge the interest in that functionality.

      1. Thanks Giles,

        I submitted it as TEAMCAL-2839.

        TEAMCAL-2839 - Provide a method to link to a calendar event. Resolved


  14. Hello,

    Is it possible to have a team calendar that will show people's availability basses on their calendars in all projects where they participate?

    The problem is that on a person works on several projects and has calendar events in each respective team calendar, than I would like to whether this person is busy on not (available for new event) when I am inviting him or her to an event being created on current team calendar.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Michael,

      I think the central issue is that there's no concept of 'inviting' in Team Calendars, and thus no attendee list or busy information is available. The best you can do at this stage is add all of a person's calendars to your My Calendars view to see all of their appointments.