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Team Calendars is a commercial calendar add-on for Confluence that acts as your single source of truth – managing team leave, tracking projects, and planning events – Team Calendars does it all.

Create one calendar for your team and add different types of events such as leave, travel, rosters, birthdays, JIRA releases (versions), Issue due dates or JIRA agile sprints. Embed them on any Confluence page, share with others, and subscribe in iCal.

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  1. I would like to change/add different types of events, for example PTO, Training.  Do I have that option in the calendar to do that?

    1. We are tracking that feature request here:  TEAMCAL-1643 - Ability to add your own types of events to a calendar Open

  2. Anonymous

    We used to have color coding feature while using different calendars. Is it still available? How can I use it?