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This page contains basic instructions for using Team Calendars.

On this page:

Opening the Calendar

To open Team Calendars, click 'User Menu' > 'Calendar'. Alternatively, click 'My Calendars' on the Confluence Dashboard.

The Team Calendar main menu screen opens.

(question) If you don't see the Calendar in your menu, you may need to install Team Calendars on your Confluence instance. See Licensing and Installing Team Calendars.

Adding to the Calendar

Adding events to the calendar can be done by clicking 'Add Event' in all views, or by clicking on the calendar day in the month and week views.
You'll be prompted to enter the title, time and other details. It will immediately appear on the calendar.

(info) You can also click and drag on the calendar to select a range of days in the month and week views. Learn more by reading Adding Events to a Team Calendar.

Searching for Calendars

Searching for Calendars can be done when adding a new calendar. To do this, go to 'Add Calendar' and select 'Existing Calendar' from there you can search or browse popular calendars. 

Including Calendars on a Confluence Page

Usage with the Macro browser

While editing a page, click 'Insert' > 'Macro' > 'Team Calendars'.

The Macro Browser will prompt you to enter parameters for the macro.

Select the calendar you want to display, the type of view and click 'Insert'.

Usage with wiki markup


Parameter nameRequiredDefaultParameter description and accepted values

One or more calendar IDs, separated by commas.

To find out the ID for a calendar:

  1. Click User Menu > Calendar.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to a calendar, and then click Share or Embed. A dialog appears with the link to the calendar.
  3. The last bit of the link contains the ID of the calendar. For example:


Available values:

  • list
  • week
  • month
  • upcoming
widthNoThe width of the element in which the calendar is displayed.Width of the calendar in pixels.

The calendar appears on the page.


  1. please post parameters that apply to dashboard-calendar macro!

    1. We are tracking that feature request here: TEAMCAL-99

  2. Don, yes that is the case as of 1.2.x (depending on your global permissions). See this comment for details. We are working on a restrictions feature as we speak.

  3. Anonymous

    Is there any way to determine which user "owns" the calendar?  I've got a couple of folks using the system, and it's getting confusing about who originated what calendar...


    1. We are tracking that feature request here: TEAMCAL-144. Hope to have that one resolved in the near future.

  4. Anonymous

    is there a way to filter a calendar embedded on a page? i know I can do this on my personal calendar, but if i create a Release Calendar, for example, and subscribe to separate Vacation and Release Dates calendars, is there a way for anyone viewing this calendar to toggle the view so that calendars are hidden or displayed? For example, I would like to temporarily hide all the Vacation events and see just the Release events. i can do this on my personal calendar, but if others want to do this, each would have to subscribe to all the calendars that are available instead and view there personal calendar instead of just going to the public calendar that subscribes to the individual calendars. I don't want to require/enforce that everyone on a 100 person development team has to always subscribe to new calendars in order to maintain a consistent view across the organization while also providing a way to toggle on/off specific calendars when the view becomes too cluttered. 

    1. We are tracking that feature request here: TEAMCAL-384

  5. Anonymous

    How i can create a new calendar ID ,because it showing Invalid calendar IDs.

    Error(s) occurred.

    • Invalid calendar IDs specified: vacation
  6. that was me

    How i can create a new calendar ID ,because it showing Invalid calendar IDs.

    Error(s) occurred.

    • Invalid calendar IDs specified: vacation
  7. Hi,

    How do I change Team Calendars from displaying as Monday-Sunday instead of Sunday-Saturday? I can't find where this option is configured.

    1. You need to download the language profile plugin then:

      Go to your Profile –>  Settings –>

      Edit the Language

      from English (United Kingdom)

      to English (United States)


      This setting can be reset again if you decide you indeed prefer the Monday - Sunday format.

      (if everyone likes this format, and testing has been validated, this parameter may be changed globally to be the default)

  8. Anonymous



    Like the fact that it is MUCH faster than the old calendar.


    However, there's a couple of things we'd like to see:


    1. Please add the ability to have a "read only" calendar. I want to create an "aggregator" that doesn't allow people to add events, or does not insist that they want to add an event every time they click on the calendar. This is INCREDIBLY annoying, because the new calendar has narrower links, which makes it easier to miss them. When you miss a link, you are automatically given an add event window.
    2. More styling options.
    3. The ability to have people calendars that can't actually be edited by the people themselves. This is for things like attendance calendars.
    1. Thanks for the feedback. Just some notes on each of your items:

      1. You can apply edit restrictions to a calendar. In doing so, you can say "only these users" can edit calendars, effectively making it read only for everyone else. 
      2. Some more detail on what styling options you would like and why they are helpful to you would be great.
      3. Seems somewhat related to (1)... would love some more context on this. You may also be interested in this feature request: TEAMCAL-104

      In general, the best way to provide feedback is through a feature request on our issue tracker:, that way we can track them all in one place. Hope that helps, thanks for the feedback.

      1. Anonymous

        1) I'd be interested in knowing how to do this. There does not seem to be any obvious way to do this, and I couldn't find it in the docs. I suspect that my reading comprehension skills may be lacking.

        2) In particular, making the display of the events bigger and more solid. I can do this with CSS, but that's a bit of a pain, and has a glass jaw (if you guys do updates, you could change the specificity of the elements, thus invalidating the styling). Also, I want to make the elements a great deal less subtle (like "today" highlighting). On LCD screens, subtle is only good for folks looking directly at the screen.

        3) I didn't see much in that report that speaks to the issue that we have. Here's a concrete example: I'm the boss. I track the time of my employees, and report it on a Confluence page, so that everyone knows who is where, when. I have been doing this with the previous calendar system.

        On the new calendar, I am forced to do the same. This is because people can edit their people calendars. I need to be the sole editor of attendance items. Ideally, I would like to declare calendar categories, such as sick days, vacation, travel, etc. These categories can be applied to people calendars, but editing them is restricted to me. That way, I won't have folks just popping out and retroactively giving themselves the day off.

        I would love to add the bug report, but it seems that you guys don't use Crowd for your public-facing sites. I have to keep adding new accounts, and I need to create yet another one to add an incident to that DB.

          1. A screenshot of how to do this 
  9. After evaluating this plugin for a couple of hours he´re my thougts:

    1. Not subscribing to a JIRA calendar is a no-go, please immediately fix!
    2. While using a filter to show as example only Sprint 5 issues and add the Sprints to be shown there are also Sprint 1-4 shown. I would suggest to show only the sprints which are affected by the filtered issues (as we´re thinking ab out creating one calendar per sprint)
    3. Defining a simple date range for each calendar would be a very helpful feature
    4. Creating several calendars blows up my personal one as many events are shown several times. It would be great if there is a kind of "filter" to eliminate such redundant data. As example there could be an automatic "catch-all" calendar with a different colour or doubled entries could be 

    All in all i think the JIRA calendar is a very helpful feature, the event- and people calendar will be usually covered by systems like outlook or notes.

    1. Hi Hans-Hermann, thanks for the feedback.

      We have some open feature requests for some of the things you've called you. You may want to watch/comment/vote on those issues to stay updated.

      1. TEAMCAL-543 - Support subscription to jira Calendars Open
      2. Would love to hear more about this. We weren't ever thinking of making the calendar as fine-grained as one calendar per sprint... what are you trying to do here?
      3. TEAMCAL-215 - Ability to restrict the calendar to a fixed date range Open
      4. Did you know you can show/hide calendars by clicking on the little triangle toggle next to them? Does that help fix your issue?
      1. Hi Sherif,

        thanks for the feedback! Here are some more detailed concerns regarding topic 2 & 4:

        2. As we´re going to prepare one wiki page for each single sprint this would be very helpfull only to see according informations in the specific calendar. This calendar will be added into the sprint page so everyone can see what´s going on in this time, at the moment we do this in excel. In my opinion it would be very easy just to show only informations which are stored in any issue which is part of the issue filter used in the calendar. And when all these issues are stored only in sprint x then also only show sprint x in the calendar. In the sprint review all these data is still available, why don´t enable to use it?

        4. Yes, i know this feature. But (imho) please remind: Don´t try to make JIRA to something which is working since years in each company!! Calendar events are collected in a PIM-tool and nowhere else. As probably most of the user I tried to subscribe to my JIRA calendar in Lotus Notes (for other people maybe Outlook) but the duplicates blow up my calendar view! As the calendar is working today there are many duplicates which cannot be prevented. Therefor one "subscribeable" calendar would be a great feature in my opinion as all available calendars can be collected, duplicates can be eleminated and there is only one calendar to be added in the PIM tool..

        Hopefully i could explain my thougs detailed enough, otherwise let me know...

        Best regards, Hans-Hermann

  10. Anonymous

    Is there a timezone options when include a new entry? Or where can I define in what time zone I Need to enter the time/date in?

    1. Confluence automatically converts the the event to the viewing users timezone, so you don't have to worry about what timezone the event is created in. 

  11. Anonymous

    How do I add different coloured events to one calendar?  I want to be able to add, for example, a green event that indicates "System Release" and a blue event to indicate "Development Complete".  I hope I don't have to create separate calendars with different events and consolidate on one calendar.  That would be lame.

    1. We have an open feature request for this:  TEAMCAL-364 - Option to color code Team Calendar entries Open , you may also be interested in  TEAMCAL-523 - Allow custom fields to be configured globally for all events Open . You can watch/comment/vote on those issues to stay updated. 

  12. Hi Sherif, 

    I hope my question finds you well. 

    Is it possible to restrict the edit of an event to groups ?

    I would like that users can add events to the calendar, but that the other user only view the event (with no editing of that event).

    Thank in advance for your help.



    1. Select the calendar and "Restrictions" from the calendar drop-down.

      You can then apply view restrictions to a particular group and edit restrictions to another group. You cannot do this at an event level, it only applies for the whole calendar. 

      1. Thank you for answer. Do you think it will be possible at event level in a near futur ?

        I have an additional question : How can i manage that events of a specific calendar is showed on the dashboard ? Do i have to specify this in the macro : {calendar-dashboard} ?

        1. I highly doubt we will be implementing event-specific restrictions. 

          I'm not sure what your additional question is. The events on the dashboard is just showing you the events from calendars you are subscribed to (from the "My Calendars" screen)

          1. For the dashboard, is it possible to show only the Events calendar and not the People calendar ?


            The  event-specific restrictions could be very useful for Meeting Rooms booking. So that everybody can see who have put an event in a calendar for a booking, but only the creator of this event can then edit it if needed. 

          2. Hi Sherif, 

            For the dashboard, is it possible to show only the Events calendar and not the People calendar ?

  13. Is there a way to just show a list of all the calendars available?

  14. How do I subscribe to a calendar using Outlook 2011 on Mac. I does not seem to have the option to include an internet calendar

  15. Anonymous

    Is there any way to format the text in a Calendar item's description field?  At the moment, it even removes newlines.

  16. I can edit the name of events calendar I have created and also ones others have created. I can edit the name of people calendars I have created. However, there is a people calendar I did not create, which has no restrictions which the name is read only and can't be edited. Has anyone seen this?

  17. Hello, when referencing a page (related page) from an event, can the calendar suggests to create the page if not exist?


  18. Anonymous

    Where is the default width?

    1. Anonymous

      Not stated in this documentation. Default width appears to be 98% of the available space for the page where the calendar is stored.

      Calendar plugin does not allow width to be specified in percent values. So width=600 will work but width=50% won't.

  19. Anonymous

    The parameter for the views is "defaultView" not View like it is in the table.

  20. Anonymous

    the views "List" and "upcoming" look pretty similar.

    What is the difference?

  21. Hi,

    how I can hide "Calendar" from the header menu?

    There is no 'id' in the code, so the question is: what is the selector?

    Something like: #Calendars

    Thanks and Regards, Chris 

    1. Anonymous

      That is a serious problem with a lot of Atlassian code. Many html objects do not have id tags. Perhaps a bug should be raised to have the code fixed to make sure all tags are named.

  22. Anonymous

    Confluence Team Calendars: 

    Is there a way to obtain or create a listing of assignee (person assigned in the WHO field)  in a calendar event? I have an average of 4 calendar events for each day per month. Each event can have one or more assignee(s) (in the Who field). Is there a way to show by month,  all assignees for the month.  I would assuming this can be extracted since there is a WHO field when creating a calendar event.  Anyone, Please advise. 

    1. Hi Anonymous, we are tracking that feature request here:  TEAMCAL-1441 - People Calendar to support filtering function for specific person Open .

  23. How can I unsubscribe from a calendar? I am getting too many emails from the calendar but can't find a way to unsubscribe. Also see my question on

  24. Any chance we can have this documentation updated? This page seems to glaze past the initial important part about adding a calendar (and not documenting much or linking off to the relevant articles on the various options Add calendar options i.e. Add New Calendar, Add Existing Calendar, Subscribe by URL and especially Import Calendar).

    1. Hi Julio, anything specific that is causing confusion? Is that that we need some clarification around what each of those options do? 

      1. Yes, I try to direct our company's users to Atlassian documentation as much as possible (since it's usually great and thorough) and for users getting started with Team Calendar's many like to start with importing some of their Outlook calendars to Team Calendars, however there is no documentation for this that I can find (try searching in the left using keyword and note the 6 hits with none about the Add a Calendar > Import Calendar option).

  25. hi, although I recognize the commendable effort Atlassian is doing with team calendars, here are the reasons why my team is going to keep using google calendar instead: 

    • there's no "event search" functionality, which makes it impossible to search for past events to check when something happened.
    • there's no way to add/edit calendar events from a calendar client (i.e., mac calendar, outlook, etc.) - this is bad, really.

    i'd love to start using team calendar on my wiki, but we will not do it unless the two features above are added


    1. Thanks for the feedback. We're capturing these two feature requests here:

      You may want to watch them to stay updated when we commence progress on them. Question for you - why do you want to search events? What is it that you need to look back on? Or maybe the question is what types of events do you want to use this for?