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This page covers basic instructions for watching a calendar in Confluence.

On this page:


Watching a calendar means that you will be sent email notifications about changes in the calendar. You will be notified when the following events happen:

  • A new event is created.
  • An existing event is edited.
  • An existing event is deleted.
  • The entire calendar is deleted.


In Team Calendars you can do two things to stay updated with Calendars:

  • Add a calendar to your "My Calendars" view
    This means it will appear when you click on "Calendars" and appear on the dashboard.
  • Watch the calendar
    For subscribed calendars, you can watch and un-watch them to get email notifications. 

There are scenarios where you might want to be subscribed to a calendar and not receive notifications. In this case, you can subscribe to a calendar but stop watching it.

Watching a Calendar

To watch a calendar, click 'Calendar Name' > 'Watch'.

Notifications will be sent to your email address.

Unsubscribe from a Calendar

To remove a Calendar from your my calendars view, simple select "Delete" from the calendar drop-down. There you will be asked if you want to delete the calendar or remove it from your list, select the option to remove it form your my calendars view.

Next Steps

Subscribe to and from Team Calendars from other calendar systems:


  1. Anonymous

    Any way to get notifications when an event is about to happen?  Would be nice to set notifications up (i.e. 15 min before, 1 hour before, 1 day before, etc...) 



    1. Anonymous

      Apparently not, but I need that functionality too.

    2. Anonymous

      Same here.

      We need email notifications or at least outlook updates so we can setup our own alerts

  2. Anonymous

    How can I protect calender to be viewed by defined users (e.g. only one group of users should have access to the calendar)?

    1. Anonymous

      Click on the arrow next to the calendar, you will see the standard confluence 'restrictions' menu item. Use it set view and edit restrictions.

  3. Anonymous

    The watch functionality is not working with our team calendar, even though it works just fine for our confluence pages. Confluence 4.0. Any ideas?

    1. Anonymous

      I'm having the same issue.  Have not found any clues yet.  Email notifications are going out for everything except Team Calendar changes.  I am watching the calendar and I updated my profile to notify of my own changes.

    2. Anonymous

      Same here. Are you guys planning to support this thing, given that you are charging a decent amount for a calendar license? Thank god we are still in evaluation mode. If this is the level of support, I am glad we havent adopted this yet.

      1. Need to be notified of new events and changes to a team calendar. Any news on when this might be fixed? Or is there some configuration that enables this feature?

        1. We have the opposite issue.  We get TOO MANY notifications - upto 7 notifications for the same event being added or modified. (sad)


        2. Hi all, if you're not receiving email notifications on new events please file a support ticket so that they can help you troubleshoot.

          1. Bill Arconati [Atlassian] - Hey Bill - Which button creates a support ticket: "Get Support" or "Report a Bug"? Guessing it's the latter?

            When I click the "Report a Bug" button, I'm taken here:


            But I don't see a way to submit a new ticket on that screen – Any help (please)? (Pretty critical functionality for us, receiving notifications when new entries entered or updated into calendar.)

            Thanks again, and looking forward to your response.

            1. Rookie mistake. I created another profile, and submitted the ticket.

  4. New Event notifications from a calendar being watched do not display all the images when receiving the emails in Outlook.

    Is there a setting or a way to have the images display properly for Outlook as shown in the documentation?

    I would upload an example of what I see, but I can't attach images (sad)



  5. Anonymous

    How to stop watching a calendar?

    1. From the mycalendars view you can just choose "stop watching" from the calendar dropdown:

      You'll also receive email notifications on calendars embedded (via the team calendars macro) into pages and spaces you're watching. At the bottom of the email notification you'll see more detail on why you're receiving the email. To stop receiving notifications, you can stop watching the page or space.

      1. Anonymous

        We are using Confluence 5.  We used to be able to see the "stop watching" option but now it is not showing.  All I see is the "watching" option.  Even when I click on "watching" it doesn't give me an option to stop.

        Any help you could provide would be great.


        1. This maybe because the calendar you are watching is embedded on a page or space somewhere which you are also watching. When you hover over the menu item, it should tell you this:

          At the bottom of your email notifications, you should get a short message which says something like "You are watching this because you are watching... (these spaces) or (pages)" - so you can go to that and unsubscribe.

          1. I have that message on quite a few calendars, but I have checked, and I am not watching any of those spaces or pages. How do I stop watching those calendars then?

  6. Anonymous

    Are there plans to add a Calendar tab to the viewmyprofile.action page?
    Perhaps to list the calendars owned by that user so other users can see the list?

    And for anyone with appropriate levels of access they can see all calendars owned by that user?

    Can this have the calendar name, date created, date last updated ?

    Also, any plans for an Calendar Events tab on the user profile page... which will have the audit trail of event actions? Restricted per action according to Calendar Security, of course, and allowing administrators to see a full history of audit events.