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When opened in a viewport, the user will be redirected to:

This document explains how to use site to translate Atlassian Products into local languages.

Another option

It is also possible to translate specific JIRA and Confluence messages on the fly with InProduct translation plugins:

Only self-hosted JIRA and Confluence are supported - IPT plugins do not work with JIRA and Confluence Cloud.

To translate Atlassian products into your local language please follow the instructions below (you will need to log in with Atlassian account to translate).

  1. Visit the Atlassian Translations site and click Translate link in your language:

  2. You will be presented with the translation page:

    You can use the search dropdowns at the top to select:

    • the product you wish to translate
    • the product version
    • the group of strings, for example Dashboard or Administration
    • the status of the translation, for example In Progress, Accepted or All

    You can also enter a search term in the search box to find strings that match the query.

  3. Start translating!

    (info) If you are not logged in to your Atlassian account account you will be asked to login:

    (tick) A few tips:

    • Start with translations that are "In Progress"
    • A translation that is "In Progress" has been suggested by an automated translation.  
      • If the translation is correct, just vote for it and it will become the accepted translation.
      • If the translation is not correct, just click 'Retranslate' and provide the correct translation.
    • If you see a translation in an Atlassian product that is incorrect (e.g. JIRA):

  4. Getting the latest language packs installed

    Once you have finished translating, you can get the updated language packs into your local installation. Simply click the Download link in the left menu to see the following page:

    In order to enjoy new translations:

    • Click the jar file link to download the latest language pack (please watch the file date and time - it might take few minutes for the service to generate fresh language pack containing latest translations)

    • Install downloaded language pack via 'Administration > Add-ons' in your application.


    Please note that only selected set languages is available in JIRA and Confluence Cloud: Language Support in Atlassian OnDemand


    Please note that only accepted translations are included in the language packs. The highest voted translation is accepted automatically. Email us if you need a vote to make your translation accepted.


    It might take up to few minutes for the service to generate fresh language pack containing latest translations.

  5. Feedback

    Please email feedback to the Atlassian Translations team via

    You can also email us if you need a vote to make your translation accepted.

Happy Translating!

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    • Download the latest language pack immediately from Atlassian Translations, or

    • Install a 'versioned' language pack via 'Administration > Plugins' in your application.

    Would it be possible to expand on the instructions for both these options?

  1. There is also a plugin currently in Beta release that allows you to translate most JIRA items on the fly: InProduct Translations.

    1. Thanks for the update.

    2. Will it be updated for 5.8.5 and later?

  2. Thank you InProduct team this was very help to us.

  3. But i am confused does the changes reflect to everybody or just the one who changes the text ???

    1. Everyone with the same language selected can see the changed translation.

  4. thanks for the product, it is great. Love it !



  5. Unfortunately I'm unable to use InProduct Translations plug-in on cloud hosting, which is not supported, what is the best solution and method available for same functionality in Cloud hosting?

    Jijo | TechNPoints


    1. Hi,

      The only way to translate JIRA Cloud is to use our translation site at

      Please note that only selected number of languages are available for Cloud:
      If your language is not listed then you might want to vote following issue:


  6. Seems like I can't find text from email notifications.

    For example: I just got a JIRA e-mail notification that said: "à ajouter un commentaire" and should be instead "a ajouté un commentaire" (added a comment).

    When I search for "added a comment" on, I get the correct translation, but I think it's text from another location (from within the app and not the email notification).

    Can you help me correct this translation? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I searched for the incorrect French "à ajouter un commentaire" and it is listed only once for JIRA. It is not accepted and the correct accepted translations is "a ajouté un commentaire":

      If you can still see the incorrect one in your emails then it probably means that your JIRA uses old translation pack. You can download the fresh one from and next upload to JIRA in the "Manage add-ons" section.

      Let me know if that solves the problem.


  7. Adding ?i18ntranslate=on to the URL displays the message key name (id) of each label and text. This helps when searching for the correct entry at Learn more at Translations Made Easier. Example:

  8. Anonymous

    We're thinking to upgrade our JIRA software versión to JIRA Data Center but we're not sure if this plugin is compatible with Data Center. It is posible? Thanks in advance.

    1. if this plugin is compatible with Data Center

      If you mean IPT plugin then it is officially not supported on DataCenter but overall should work fine in most cases.

  9. We would like to translate our content (pages) into four different languages. From the product overview, it seems that's not supported. Is my understanding correct? If that's the case, which tool/plug-in can we use to send our content (pages) for translation to language service providers? 

  10. Where is a documentation of the following syntax:

    {0,choice,0#0 jobs|1#1 job|1<{0,number,integer} jobs}

    Am I allowed to add more conditions? For example in Polish there is a different form for 2-4, 22-24, 32-34, and so on. For example:

    • 0 zadań
    • 1 zadanie
    • 2, 3, 4 zadania
    • 5..21 zadań
    • 22, 23, 24 zadania
    • 25..31 zadań
    • 32 zadania
  11. Dear all,

    is it possible to use the latest version of "InProduct translation" with JIRA 7.3.1?

    Thank you & best regards


  12. If I disable the plug in after I modified some of the words using the translation then I enabled it again, will I lose any of the changes I made previously?

  13. It seems I cannot add new keys on my own - right? Actually the keys for the content report table are missing. I would like to translate the headline to german.

    The keys are: