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FAQ: What are Recorded Courses?

Atlassian University offers a recorded version of almost every official Atlassian University course. They are the exact same curricula as our live-online classes, but allow you to access them at your own pace for 30 days (starting from the date of purchase). During this time you will have access to the course, courseware, all its modules and product demos.  You may also opt in to partake in hands-on labs that mimic the recorded demos.















What's different between Recorded Courses and live-online classes? 

  • Recorded Courses are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase, while purchases for live-online classes are valid for 12 months to allow for scheduling into a live public class
  • Recorded Courses save up to %43 over live-online classes
  • Recorded Courses do not offer any interaction with an Atlassian Authorized Instructor, while live-online classes are highly interactive.
  • Recorded Courses offer a self paced format where students can pause, rewind or fast forward to their hearts' content, while live-online classes promote a fast paced, interactive experience with other students and the instructor for the duration of class.

How much do they cost?

  • Recorded Courses start at $300 each and goes up to $400 for Administration classes.

  • You get up to %43 savings on Recorded Courses in comparison to live-online classes that start at $500 and go up to $700 for Administration classes.

Are all courses available in recorded format? 

Almost! All but one of Atlassian University's official courses have a Recorded Course counterpart available.  Currently our Dev Tools class is not available in recorded format.


Are hands on labs available with the recorded format?

  • YOU KNOW IT! All Recorded Courses include access to one of our hands-on virtual lab machines that we provide through Cloudshare. All you have to do is "opt-in" by letting us know when you're ready to activate it. 
  • Once you activate your lab, you'll have 24 consecutive hours to use it before it expires, so you must plan your lab time appropriately
  • Lab time extensions are NOT available. No exception.

May I purchase additional hands-on lab time?

  • At this time, additional lab time is not available for purchase, so we urge you to plan your lab's activation accordingly.

What's the process to access my training (and labs)?


Training Portal (Before)


Once you purchase your recorded class you can expect email notifications to help access and take in your new shiny course

  1. The 'tech contact' listed on your purchase will receive a questionnaire. It asks for first name, last name and email address of the person taking the class.
  2. Once received, we will process the enrollment. 
  3. The learner will then receive a welcome email with login credentials (username and password) along with the URL for you to login and access the course. 

Course Materials (During)


Once logged into our training portal, you will see your class and a complete set of course materials downloadable via PDF for future reference. The training materials consist of the following

  • Accessing Cloudshare for Recorded Courses
  • Lab Resources (for the class being taken) 
  • Lab Workbook
  • Student Guide

Labs (After)


Once you are ready for the labs, just send in an email to with your AT# and request access. Once we receive this request we will provision your lab access. 

  • You will receive the invitation via email    
  • It is important to remember that - once you activate the invitation that triggers the 24 hour clock. You have only the 24 hours to complete them, so plan your lab time accordingly
  • We offer no extensions on labs. No exceptions.


Bought it! Now what? 

 Highly complicated workflow... but you'll be fine!

Recorded Course Diagram - Workflow



Don't forget the Survey for Swag!!

Upon course completion, we ask that you share your thoughts and recommendations with us by completing a short survey    
Then, to show our appreciation, we'll select a survey at random every month and  give away super cool Atlassian Swag you can redeem at the Atlassian Swag Store
Send us your comments and BE our next Swag winner!


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