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What are training credits?


  • A 12-month prepaid account for Atlassian University that makes training employees on Atlassian products more flexible 

  • A centralized management experience that lets you approve and see who within your company is taking advantage of the training 

  • A faster purchasing process for accessing training that meets your business requirements and budget 

  • Bulk discounts are offered on training credits, getting you more effective return on your training spend

Simplified Procurement


Purchase once and avoid approval or reimbursement cycles for individual transactions. This also allows your business users to access the training content they need more quickly. 

Flexible Planning

You know your team will need training, but you may not know who needs training or when they’ll need it. That’s OK – you can purchase training credits in advance and plan your team’s needs along the way.

Training Budget Utilization

Don’t lose your training budget at quarter or year-end – invest in the future by pre-purchasing training credits. Your team can redeem the credits for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.

Volume discounts


Save 20% when you purchase 20,000 credits or more, getting a more effective return on your training budget.

         Number of Credits | Discount | $ per Credit

                 0 – 19,999               0%                $1

                 20,000+                  20%              $0.80

If you’re considering purchasing between 16,000-19,999 credits, you should purchase 20,000 and take advantage of the 20% discount (and spend less).


  • Purchase 3,500 credits for $3,500
  • Purchase 18,000 credits for $18,000
  • Purchase 20,000 credits for $16,000
  • Purchase 30,000 credits for $24,000

Redemption of 1 credit is $1. Credits must be redeemed and consumed within 12 months from purchase You can purchase credits in any increment; contact us for more details.


Pricing and scoping: For pricing and purchase please contact the Atlassian University team at This data sheet page is for informational purposes only. Atlassian Training and Training Credits are governed by the Atlassian Training Terms and Policies, currently located at

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