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  • Questions from the Confluence 2.10 Webinar
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General Questions

  • The webinar recording can be found on this page.
  • The slides can be found here

Widget Connector

Yes. We will be providing instructions shortly on how to do this. Our Widget Connector documentation can be found here.

Some widget providers provide a token in the url that can be used to retrieve the content. If the widget provider supports this, then you can embed secure content with the Widget Connector.

Custom Styles

Yes. You can find a sample stylesheet in the Confluence Plugin Library under Themes and Styles. You can also learn more in our Basic Styling Tutorial.

Office Connector

Yes. One of the things the Office connector does is allows you to import documents from Word and convert them into Confluence pages. You can see more at

Yes. You can edit documents within MS Office, OpenOffice or NeoOffice.

  • The Office Connector bundled with Confluence 2.10 does not currently support native Office 2007 documents (e.g. .docx, .xlsx, .pptx) in Confluence 2.10.
  • However, we are planning to provide this support in the next major release (currently planned Confluence 3.0 for first half 2009).
  • In the mean time, Office 2007 allows you to save your files to the Office 2003 format (e.g. .doc, .xls, .ppt).
  • Not currently
  • We are planning to provide this support in the next major release (currently planned Confluence 3.0 for first half 2009).
  • We do currently support NeoOffice for Mac.
  • Yes.
  • Most wiki text is displayed correctly. Your particular example, links to other pages, are not.

Rich Text Editor

As Google Chrome is built on Webkit, the same engine as Safari, the Rich Text Editor should work on Chrome. However, we have disabled it until we can test it further, possibly in 2.10.1 or 3.0.

JIRA Issues Macro

Any column, including custom columns, can now be displayed. Use the name of the custom field in the value of your columns argument to the macro. See the documentation for more detail...


  • Yes, we tested it with 2.10. There was a bug fixed by the Scaffolding team, so check if you need to upgrade Scaffolding too.

We change the system requirements over time. Before each upgrade you need to check if your software/hardware is still supported. Documented in general here: and for 2.10 here:

We want to make upgrades easier. We are introducing Plugins 2.0 for a long-term improvement of the situations (plugins will be written against a better defined, more stable API), and our new QA team is also testing many popular plugins for general compatibility with new Confluence versions. We have started this for the 2.10 release, and will extend that process over time

Yes, Adaptavist has released a new version recently. 3.3.2 is compatible, according to their website/Twitter.

Performance Improvements

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