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Demo Area

Confluence is Enterprise wiki software which extends beyond average wikis. Confluence is available for both download & hosted versions.

To get an quick overview, we recommend browsing through the tours suggested above.

Further, you may want to view some videos from our blogs or a consolidated version all on one page (may we say, one Confluence page?).

Evaluating and unsure where to start?

If you have Confluence installed or evaluating Confluence Team Hosted, we recommend the following:

1) To help you get the most out of your Confluence evaluation we have made all of our documentation readily available online using Confluence itself! The Administrators Guide and User Guide will help you get started.

2) The Confluence Evaluator Resources space on our public instance of Confluence (yep, you're looking at it - it's here!) is another great resource that will help you get the most out of your Confluence evaluation.

3) Play! Best way to learn is to edit pages!
(info) Use our sandbox! To create/edit test pages, visit the Confluence Testing Space.

Why choose Confluence?

We think Confluence speaks for itself, but our customers are our best advocates.

1. Who's using Confluence in your industry?

2. How are our customers using Confluence?

3. How can you use Confluence?

Further, Atlassian prides itself on being open and honest, you will be able to find all of our latest pricing and licensing information online.

Next Steps

Attend a Webinar

Atlassian conducts free no-pressure product demonstrations, providing a start to finish overview of each application and a forum to field questions. These webinars are conducted via a telephone conference and a WebEx online interface.

Try a fully functional Confluence Evaluation

We believe there is no better way to understand the impact Confluence can make than to try it out within your organization.

Our evaluations are fully-functional and available for download.

Just install and turn it on or get a take a few more steps by connecting it to your LDAP server, run one or our import tools, enter your own data, bulk add attachments via WebDAV, etc and let your users try it out.

Questions? Contact Us!Atlassian Software

Sydney, AU: (+61) 2 9262-1443
San Francisco, CA: (+1) 415 701-1110


  1. Comments can also be made on each page and blog (named News in Confluence) and comments are an incredible method of collaboration and communicating around a particular topic.  Content within in commments can be searched and threaded.

    A great example of how you might use commenting would be using Confluence to publish and share you employee handbook with your organization.  You certainly would not want every employee to have the permissions to edit the employee handbook (probably would restrict that to a select HR group), but it does make sense to give the overall team permission to add comments to the handbook.  Its an excellent manner of gathering targeted feedback and discussion while keeping the main body of information secure from changes.

    1. Example of a threaded comment showing how conversations can be threaded in Confluence.

    2. Also each comment has all the functionality of a Confluence page or blog postwhich supports items such as:

      Formatted Headers

  2. By the way, it says right here that you cannot revert to a previous version of an attachment.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.  What you can do is simply download the older version of attachment that you wish you to revert to and then re-upload that attachment and the version you've uploaded becomes the latest version.  All attachments are versioned as that documentation page shows so you use this method to 'revert' or access any of the older versions.