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I work for Atlassian as a JIRA Studio developer.

I also have a personal blog.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi James,

    I'm using the jmeter version 2.3.2  on XP computer. I downloaded the plug that you developed but I don't understand; how I can use it?

    Could be very helpful to me use this plug, looks excellent.

    Thanks in advance!!


  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, I talked about "atlassian-bamboo-jmeter-aggregator-0.1.jar"



  3. Anonymous

    Hey James,

    You coming to Dawer's tonight?


  4. Anonymous

    Hi James,

    I noticed the confluencefs page but there doesn't seem to be any source anywhere on the wiki. Is there a way to get confluencefs? If need be I can try to ask my IT team to go through support as they bought confluence.

    I had been thinking of something similar and was delighted you had already done it all. Hopefully you can make this great idea available.

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