Activity Stream Gadget

The activity stream gadget is similar to the recently updated macro and shows a list of the most recently changed content within your Confluence site.

In addition to showing a list of most recently changed content, the activity stream gadget also groups activities by separate date, and provides an RSS feed link to its content in the top-right corner. 

Activity Stream Gadget Properties

Properties are settings for Confluence gadgets that allow the user to control the content or presentation of data retrieved by the gadget. These are similar to a Confluence macro's parameters. The table below lists relevant properties for this gadget.

These properties are located in the preview panel in the macro browser. 








Adds a title to the top of the Activity Stream.

Global filters No None

Allows you to add filters to the gadget including:

  • space
  • username
  • update date
  • JIRA issue key (if your Confluence instance is integrated with a JIRA application)

Available streams Yes All

If you have application links to other sites, JIRA or another Confluence site, you can choose to include activity from those streams also.

Display options: limit



Specify the maximum number of results to be displayed. A maximum of 10 results will be displayed by default. The maximum value that this property can accept is 100.

Display options: Refresh Interval



Specify the time interval between each 'refresh' action undertaken by the activity stream gadget. A refresh makes the activity stream gadget reflect any new activity that has been conducted on the Confluence site.

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18 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Chris Johnson

    Using the Confluence activity stream widget on a JIRA dashboard with Application Links as the authentication mechanism allows any JIRA users to see all Confluence user status updates.  There is no authorization filter of any sort that I can find.

    28 Oct 2011
  2. User avatar

    Michael Kornatzki

    i add the gadget to a page and i can configure what i want i didn't see any activity (sad)

    Only "No activity was found".

    Is there something i have to enable?

    16 Mar 2012
    1. User avatar

      Mark Haller

      I have the same going on here and trying to find a solution.

      13 May 2013
  3. User avatar


    In Confluence, when I add the Activity Stream, I want to limit it to activity on a Project in JIRA. 

    This page shows the filter options for the JIRA Activity Stream gadget:  Adding the Activity Stream Gadget

    It shows that I should see the option to filter on "Project" under Global Filters. However, when I use the Activity Stream macro in Confluence, I do not have that as an option.  Any ideas?  

    We are using JIRA 4.4  and Confluence 4.2.


    23 May 2012
  4. User avatar

    Graham Hannington

    This is a useful gadget, thank you.

    The Activity Stream gadget and the similar Recently Updated macro list only the title of an updated page, not its space. This is a problem for us (Confluence users at my site), because we have a space for each project, and the page titles within each project space deliberately omit the project name. For example, the spaces for projects ABC and XYZ each have pages with the generic title "Project management", not "ABC project management" and "XYZ project management". So we get a bunch of activity stream items with the title "Project management", for different projects. This is just one example: each project typically has many pages that share the same title as pages in other spaces. We could (and often do) filter activity streams by space (project), but this is not a good solution for cross-space (say, user-specific) activity streams.

    This might be a "best practice for page titles" issue (users at my site might need to change their current practice), or it might, depending on your (Atlassian's) response, become a change request for this gadget and the similar Recently Updated macro; for example, to add an option (parameter) to qualify page titles in these generated listings with their spaces. Perhaps even a change request for the Confluence Search results page, which exhibits the same issue (lists page titles without a space qualifier; again, filtering by a particular space is not often a palatable solution here).

    What do you (Atlassian) think? What is best practice for page titles? Should page titles be unique between spaces, even though this is not technically required by Confluence? Specifically, should page titles provide enough context to be unambiguous without knowing which space they belong to? Or can page titles rely on the space as an implicit qualifier? Which page title is an example of best practice: "XYZ project management" (explicitly citing the space in the page title; which, one might argue, is unnecessary - or undesirable - duplication of contextual information) or "Project management"?

    I note the existence of CONF-3583 - Create a Confluence best practices page Closed (I could not find an answer to this specific issue on the cited Wiki Patterns website) and the Adaptavist web page "5 Best Practice Tips to Improve Search in Atlassian's Confluence Wiki" (which does not address this specific issue).

    08 Jan 2013
  5. User avatar


    Wish images were rendered as thumbnails and not the full resolution!

    04 Jun 2013
  6. User avatar


    What are the specifications for this gadget when I want to use it via Wiki-Markup?

    06 Jun 2013
  7. User avatar

    Graham Hannington

    use it via Wiki-Markup

    My advice: don't (use it via wiki markup).

    But if you really want to, you might be interested in an experiment that I conducted after reading your question:

    1. I inserted an Activity Stream gadget into a Confluence page.
    2. While editing the page in the Confluence rich text editor, I selected the gadget placeholder, and then copied it to the clipboard.
    3. I pasted the copied content into Wikifier RT, which displayed the following wiki markup:


      and (when I clicked "Show HTML") the following underlying HTML (from the Confluence rich text editor):

      Here's the Confluence XML source (from the Confluence XML source editor):

    4. Back in the Confluence editor, I deleted the original Activity Stream gadget.
    5. I selected Insert > Wiki Markup.
    6. I pasted the wiki markup from Wikifier RT into the Wiki Markup dialog box, clicked Insert, and held my breath.
      An Activity Stream gadget placeholder appeared in the editor. So far so good.
    7. I clicked Preview. The Activity Stream gadget inserted as wiki markup worked!

    As to the format of the parameters (which I'm guessing is really what you're most interested in!), I leave that to Atlassian to answer. I suspect the answer will be something like "editing via wiki markup is no longer supported" and perhaps even, regarding the possibility of editing the parameters in the XML source, "no user-serviceable parts inside" (yes, I am deliberately goading Atlassian to document the format (wink) ).

    However, for what it's worth, if you "unescape" the preferences parameter string (converting the %-prefixed hexadecimal values to the unescaped original characters), you get the following (I've inserted some white space for readability):

    &title=Activity Stream
    06 Jun 2013
    1. User avatar


      Thank you for your response, Graham!

      I already found a way simpler (more readable) soloution:


      I was just interested which parameters are available and if there's already a documentation for this markup.

      And thanks for your efforts!

      06 Jun 2013
  8. User avatar

    Graham Hannington

    No worries, Christoph. I had fun looking into it. I'm glad that you found a simpler solution (smile).

    07 Jun 2013
  9. User avatar


    The activity stream does not seem to pick up blogs or comments that are in personal spaces. Is that a bug or setting that I am missing?

    18 Jul 2013
  10. User avatar

    Tushar Dhore

    Same issue for me. It gives error as The resource, cannot be found.

    What is the workaround for this?

    01 Sep 2013
  11. User avatar

    Aleš Laňar


    I have a question. I need to insert Activity Stream Macro, but filtered not only by space, but filtered for page. So, we need to show a changes (who and what was changed) as Activity Stream showing now, but only for certain page(s). Is it possible? 

    Thank you


    Aleš L.

    18 Oct 2013
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Aleš, Sorry it is not possible to filter the Activity Stream Macro by page.  What you might be able to use is the Recently Updated macro. You would need to add a label to each page that you want to show activity from, and then specify this label in the Recently Updated macro - which would then only display recent updates on pages, blogs etc that have the specified page label.  Hopefully this might give you what you are looking for. 

      21 Oct 2013
  12. User avatar



    is it possible to put filters, such as "My open issues" or "Issues reported by Me" on the activity stream, so I only see the activity stream of issues I actually have to do with?

    If not existing, where can I request this feature?


    04 Nov 2013
  13. User avatar

    Mick Davidson

    This documentation seems to be out of date or at least incomplete. It doesn't list the params available such as Width, Border or Author. Also, there is no field called Title, as listed above. There is a field for a title, but that doesn't have a label calling it 'Title'.

    Also, this isn't working consistently for me. I've written a question in Answers describing the problems I'm having, you can see this here:


    02 Jun 2014
  14. User avatar

    Nikola Bornová

    Is it possible to show in activity stream only thumbnails, not the full resolution pictures? When someone uses big picture somewhere (which happens a lot), the stream looks quite wrong and can turn quite big (it would be also better to load for example 5 small thumbnails to the stream than 5 full-HD pictures with the size of several megabytes)

    08 Jul 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Nikola,

      Unfortunately, I don't think that's possible. Feel free to create an improvement suggestion so we can track the demand for it, though.

      20 Jul 2015
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