2.1.5 Boost Testing Productivity With Making The Browser The QA Work Environment

Quality Assurance teams in software development face challenges these days in keeping up with the speed that has picked up through agile methods.

Additionally, especially with browser based software products, testers have to cross several media breaks, including reproducing the issue in the browser, taking screenshots, saving the file in the right folder, opening it with a screenshot annotation tool, then opening the issue tracker, creating an issue, selecting an attachment, finding the file on the local drive and uploading it.

The Jira Add-On Atlassian Bonfire puts an end to this and let's QA professionals invest their time in testing. It enables the creation of issues with annotated screenshot directly from the browser (Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer) without ever opening another application or leaving the current tab.

Additionally, Bonfire enables the organizations define templates for testing in sessions (e.g. a session that should test the newly developed functionality of a new component). This not only helps to manage the testing activity in the team but also saves the testers time. Through the issue templates, all relevant contextual testing data (URL, browser version, software version, component, etc) are all pre-populated and maintained so that the tester only needs to fill out specific information to the issue he/she is creating.

Showcase Integration with: Bonfire

Steps to demonstrate

  1. Download and install the Bonfire Trial version in your Jira instance through Add-on Exchange
  2. Open the Jira dashboard as ""Scrum Master"" user and create an issue in Jira that represents a new development
  3. Select ""More Actions"" and then ""Create Test Session""
  4. Create a session and assign user ""QA Guru"" to it.
  5. Open Jira as user ""QA Guru"" and click on the triangle next to the user name at the top right.
  6. Select  the item ""Get Bonfire extension""
  7. Install the Bonfire extension for your browser
  8. Open a website or web application with the same browser you would like to demonstrate a test for
  9. Find a bug or point out an area on the website that should be changed
  10. Click the Bonfire button and select the ""Session"" tab. Start the session that was created by the Scrum Master previously
  11. Open the Templates tab to specify a template for the project and the component that is being tested (if you have set up version as well, specify it as well).
  12. Open the Issues tab in Bonfire and start annotating the screenshot.
  13. Select the template previously created and give the issue a summary
  14. Login Jira as the ""Scrum Master"" and review the ticket creation in the activity stream. Open it to see how it looks like in Jira. 

Demonstration requirements

You need a website or web application you want to demonstrate a bug or requested change. Also, user ""Scrum Master"" and ""QA Guru"" are necessary to perform the demonstration.

Demonstration on Jira.Atlassian.com

As Bonfire is all about easily creating issues, we refrain to demonstrate this functionality at Jira.Atlassina.com.

Further documentation

Bonfire User Guide

Last modified on Jan 22, 2019

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