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Integration with other IBM products

Jira Connector for IBM Sametime
Supported by AppFusions

This integration brings IBM Sametime into Atlassian Jira. Enterprise IM, presence, unified communications.

Jira+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections
Supported by AppFusions

Atlassian Jira+ integrated systems' real-time activity in IBM Connections, across the enterprise.

ClearCase Add-on for Jira:
Supported by Atlassian up to version 2.7

Up to version 2.7, Fisheye supports an integration with ClearCase.

ERP integration

Supported by CustomWare

CustomWare has written a set of Add-ons for Jira and for NetSuite to allow integration. The integration has a new CustomFieldType and searcher that allows the user to select a list of Contacts and Customers from NetSuite

Salesforce.com Add-on by CustomWare
Supported by CustomWare

Link and synchronize Salesforce.com cases, contacts, accounts & custom objects and Jira issues! The only Connector to support Atlassian Jira Cloud and Jira Server - install with confidence!

CRM Add-on for Salesforce or SugarCRM
Supported by Go2Group

Bi-directional integration of accounts in salesforce.com or SugarCRM with Atlassian Jira. The CRM Add-on displays customer data from a CRM System in a Jira ticket and Jira issues in a CRM System screen, sharing timely knowledge between two otherwise disparate teams. The free version offers very limited configuration options in terms of what CRM fields can be synchronized with Jira, and does not include support or regular updates.

Connector for SharePoint and Jira
Supported by CustomWare

Access, display, add, or edit Jira issues, projects, and filters from within SharePoint.

Requirement Engineering

Supported by ALM Works

Issue Hierarchy - multi-level, cross-project, hierarchical lists of issues (not based on sub-tasks) with time aggregation, status rollup, synchronization with Links, Jira Agile, Subtasks, and more.

Rmsis - A Requirement Management Extension for Jira
Supported By Optimizory Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

RMsis helps users to analyze / classify requirements, manage their life-cycle and associate them with product releases. It also manages traceability between requirements across projects as well as with Jira artifacts and Test Cases.

Microsoft Product Integration

Supported by Spartez

TFS4Jira lets you associate source code in Microsoft Team Foundation Server with Jira issues and view your TFS check-ins in Jira

MS Project integration with Ceptah Bridge
Supported by Ceptah Solutions

Ceptah Bridge for MS Project and Jira provides integration between the MS® Office Project and Atlassian® Jira® applications and allows building an effective project management solution using the products.

The Connector - Microsoft Project Integration
Supported by Ecliptic Technologies, Inc.

Microsoft Project to Atlassian Jira Integration - The Connector is a Microsoft Project integration extension plug-in that will allow connection directly from MS Project to Atlassian Jira.

Wire framing

Balsamiq Add-on for Jira
Supported by Balsamiq Studios

Allows you to add sketch-quality wireframes to Jira issues.

Gliffy Jira Add-on
Supported by Gliffy

More Atlassian customers use Gliffy to make information visual and easier to understand than any other diagramming Add-on. The Gliffy Jira Add-on allows you to create great-looking, collaborative, web-based diagrams in a Jira issue.


Zephyr for Jira
Supported By Zephyr

Zephyr for Jira is an add-on application that augments Jira 5, providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities right inside your Jira 5. Zephyr for Jira is the only vertical test management application built exclusively for the Jira 5 platform.

Enterprise Tester
Supported by Catch Limited

You can integrate Jira with Catch's Enterprise Tester which gives you a comprehensive tree control based testing suite.

Risk Management
Supported By jPlugs

Track, control and communicate your project risks along with all the other project issues. Get a visual presentation of your risk issues. View how the risk has developed over time by selecting relative or specific dates.

Go2Group synapseRT
Supported By Go2Group

Go2Group creates and manages requirements, releases, test cases, test suites, bugs, and provides a comprehensive traceability matrix and dashboard to view, track, and manage your development and testing. Go2Group synapseRT integrates testers, developers, requirements managers and engineers all INSIDE Jira.

Service Desk functionalities

Service Level Agreements in Jira with VertygoSLA
Supported by Valiantys

VertygoSLA by Valiantys gives organizations the opportunity to support their SLA (Service Level Agreement). You will be able to manage rules like : Each major incident in my projects must be assigned in 1 hour and resolved in less than 4 hours.

Time Tracking

Supported by TM Software

Whatever your drive is for time tracking, look at Jira & Tempo. Jira and Tempo provide a painless way to connect your organization's activities and report on them.

Supported by Alkaes Consulting

Suite of Add-on organized in different Editions : Core, Time, Workflows, Workflows Designer, and Reports

Jira Timesheet Report and Portlet Add-on
Supported By Andriy Zhdanov

This add-on enables additional time tracking means: Pivot project report , User Timesheet report and Time sheet gadget.


eazyBI Jira reports and charts
Supported By EazyOne

eazyBI provides easy and flexible Jira issues reporting which is more advanced than standard Jira reports. You can import Jira issues both from your own Jira servers as well as use it with Jira Cloud.

Supported By Valiantys

PowerReport enables you to enhance the value of your report's content, integrate all Jira data (including custom fields), generate ergonomic reports with your graphical charter and display reports which contain data resulting from Jira filters.

Crystal Reports Add-on for Jira
Supported By Go2Group

The Go2Group Crystal Reports Add-on allows Jira users easy access to the sophisticated reporting capabilities of Crystal Reports. The Add-on allows reports developed in Crystal Reports to be run from within the Jira web interface.

Customer Feedback

Get Satisfaction for Jira
Supported by CustomWare

By connecting a Get Satisfaction community with Jira, your customers will have their feedback incorporated directly into the product development process with the click of a button. Accelerate product development and issue resolution while keeping your customers informed. You can create bugs in Jira from problems reported in the community, add the most voted up ideas from the community as feature requests for your product team, and route technical questions from the community to developers that can answer them.

Social Networking

Jira in Jive Integration
Supported by AppFusions

Jira in Jive 5 provides you with the ability to search, create and update Jira issues, and start linked Jive discussions directly from within Jive 5.

Workflow / Configuration

Misc Workflow Extensions
Supported by Innovalog

The Jira Misc Workflow Extensions Add-on provides an assortment of workflow conditions, validators and post-functions that you can use to implement custom workflows in Jira.

Jira Suite Utilities
Supported by beecom

This Add-on is divided in two parts. First, a set of conditions and validations to personalize workflow of Jira. And second, a Issue Tab Panel, which shows information about the execution of each transition. Additionally, the Add-on provides custom fields for specifying a Google Maps location.

nFeed - Import your data into Jira issues
Supported by Valiantys

nFeed lets you create custom fields with data from remote files, web services and databases. It also supports multi-select values from your data sources, create infinite cascading selections and integrate the notion of conditional requests within Jira's custom fields.

Security and Auditing

Auditing Administration changes
Supported By Plugenta Labs

Jira Auditor plug-in a sound administrative audit log to Jira that tracks administrative events. Essentially, it provides a similar change history to the administration section as we know it from a Jira issues itself. Very useful, especially when a Jira instance is managed by multiple administrators.

Field Security Add-on for Jira
Supported By quisapps.com

Provides a field level security and ability to set Read and Write access restrictions to any custom field (including custom fields you are already using in your Jira instance), Time Tracking fields (including Work Logs) and Assignee field. With ability to restrict access to Time Tracking fields you can easily use Jira for customer support, Help Desk or Service Desk, while keeping time tracking info for in-house purposes.

Last modified on Jan 22, 2019

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