Data Center: Installation and configuration

Installing Data Center


Installing Data Center can be a complex and confusing process that depends on a variety of factors and influences. 

Use the following resources to help guide you through the  installation, configuration or consolidation of your instance, or with moving from Cloud.


Configuration guides

Before beginning your Data Center installation, review the following articles for guidance on configuring Data Center:

Example Data Center configurations

Load balancer configuration options


Installing a new Data Center application

When you are ready to install a new Atlassian Data Center application, the following guides can get you up and running.



Move your existing Server application to Data Center

If you are currently running a Server application and want to move to Data Center, this section will help guide you through the process.

Prepare to Move to Data Center

It's important to build and follow a plan and to align your organization for moving your application to Data Center. The following articles give some guidance on overall process, organizational preparedness, estimated time frames, and add-on compatibility.

Move to Data Center

The following guides provide product-specific information on moving your application to Data Center.

For Jira Data Center, upgrade your current Server instance to the latest version of Jira Software and then follow the same steps in Installing Jira Data Center.

While moving your application to Data Center, follow the Atlassian Data Center migration checklist for tests and checks to perform throughout the process.

Consolidating instances?

If you plan to consolidate multiple individual instances into a single Data Center deployment, then see our overview of Atlassian Data Center instance consolidation.

Moving from the cloud?

If you are running an Atlassian cloud application and want to move it to Data Center, we have specific resources coming soon to help you.

Last modified on Jan 12, 2018

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