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What is Atlassian Data Center?

Data Center is Atlassian’s self-managed enterprise edition, built to support your organization’s needs as you grow.

Data Center products provide advanced capabilities and services in several areas including security and compliance, user management, infrastructure automation, reliability, and more to help you easily manage enterprise-grade Atlassian deployments.

Learn more about the benefits of Data Center on our website.

Data Center products

We offer a Data Center edition for the following Atlassian products:


Data Center products come with a suite of advanced features designed for enterprises managing mission-critical Atlassian deployments.

Take a look at our feature guides for a detailed look at capabilities available with your Data Center license:

Deployment options

Data Center products are designed to support your organization’s deployment strategy, giving you more architecture and infrastructure flexibility:


  • Non-clustered (single node)
  • Clustered


  • Your own hardware
  • Public cloud providers (AWS and Azure)

We’ve created a deployment guide to help your compare and choose the right option. See Atlassian Data Center architecture and infrastructure options

Licensing and pricing

Data Center is offered as an annual subscription (also known as a fixed term license). In addition to your Data Center license, you’ll want to consider some other costs:

  • Any additional hardware – for example, a load balancer for clustered deployments.
  • Any IaaS (infrastructure as a service) costs – if you choose to deploy on third-party cloud providers like AWS or Azure.
  • Data Center app licenses. If you run Server apps on your current Server instance, you may need to move to the Data Center-approved version of the app when you upgrade your product license.
  • Any third-party tools needed to maintain and monitor your Data Center deployment.

Check our website for more information about Data Center licensing. Prefer to speak to someone at Atlassian? Get in touch with our Enterprise team.

Data Center apps

You can extend Atlassian products by installing third-party apps (also known as add-ons or plugins) from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Many Marketplace apps offer a Data Center approved version – built with highly available, clustered environments in mind. These apps undergo a rigorous testing and validation process, managed by Atlassian in conjunction with vendors, to ensure they perform reliably and consistently in large-scale Data Center product environments.

Browse all Data Center apps

Moving from Server to Data Center? If you currently have apps installed on your Server installation, you’ll also need to upgrade your apps to the Data Center version – if one exists. Learn more about how Data Center app licensing works.

We're here to help

We have a range of services and programs designed to help you choose and implement the right solution for your organization. Check our Enterprise services page for details about services included with your Data Center license, as well as our paid services.

Last modified on Mar 3, 2020

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