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This page will contain information about the FishEye 2.10 minor releases as these become available. Crucible license holders should also check the Crucible 2.10 changelog. These releases will be free to all customers with active FishEye software maintenance.

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17 July 2013 - FishEye 2.10.7 (0 issues)

T Key Summary Status


15 Jan 2013 - Fisheye 2.10.0 (30 issues)

T Key Summary Status
New Feature FE-4191 Add built-in support for use of proxy to contact external plugins site Closed
New Feature FE-4147 Extend REST API to include starting and stopping a repository and to allow for re-indexing Closed
Improvement FE-4398 Checkout errors can terminate svn repo import process Closed
Improvement FE-4361 [CVS] Allow pollPeriod to be configurable Closed
Improvement FE-4227 'Download archive' (aka tarball): name of zip is truncated to 20 characters Closed
Improvement FE-614 Extend Remote API to include methods to trigger scannow, reindex, backup etc Closed
Bug FE-4416 repository refresh status button is broken Closed
Bug FE-4404 DiffTextCache files not deleted Closed
Bug FE-4399 CVS scanner activates repository on every poll, causing high native memory usage Closed
Bug FE-4394 The repositories admin page is slow with many repositories enabled Closed
Bug FE-4392 Svnkit fine logging causes very large debug logs Closed
Bug FE-4391 Validation of start-rev in admin is incorrect Closed
Bug FE-4371 Fisheye not handling empty git or hg changesets properly Closed
Bug FE-4368 Changeset Comment re-indexing incorrectly uses a threadlocal session. Closed
Bug FE-4357 Improve the way permissions are handled, as a lot of time is spent in user/repo permission checks, which should be cached Closed
Bug FE-4354 OSGI cache should be excluded from backup Closed
Bug FE-4351 Indexing stalls if parsing Perforce multi print output throws an exception Closed
Bug FE-4350 FishEye not fully compatible with Mercurial 2.3 Closed
Bug FE-4349 Disable directory Listing Closed
Bug FE-4332 "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted" error in IE8 when downloading tarball from "Download Archive" link Closed
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